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A couple holiday wishes · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

A couple holiday wishes <3

Hi bitches!

Some of you may have seen that I recently cleaned out part of my toy closet for organization…

(I highly recommend watching the following thread on that post for a video walkthrough.)

Can you believe that this only covers (most) of my corporal punishment implements and doesn’t even begin to get into everything else? I’m astounded by the size of my collection given that I don’t even have my own studio…yet. For now, they live in my guest bedroom, waiting to be displayed in all their glory when I finally build out a dungeon…

The funny thing about being a gear junkie is that, despite the size of my home collection, I still want more. And more. And more. Now don’t get me wrong – looking at my toys brings me an immense amount of joy. I have, in fact, gone back to this photo numerous times since its posting just to relive that giddy feeling of knowing that all these implements of PAIN and SUFFERING are mine. That day’s organization and cleaning took far longer than it should have because I kept on getting distracted by all my pretty toys… I would take a “short break” and flail around with them in glee before remembering that I had an initial task at hand that needed to be sorted first.

I never get tired of my implements. But, you know, it’s never quite enough. Pain is a game of refinement. How many ways can I make one suffer? How many tools can I use to get there?

With that in mind, the winter holidays are just around the corner. Don’t you want to get your beloved Daddy a couple more tools of destruction to contribute to her pure sadistic joy???

If you need any impetus to see me with a whip… (thanks sub r!)

Here are a couple of items I would absolutely adore, in somewhat order of priority (although let’s be honest – playing favorites here is darn impossible).

  • Two matching 4 foot nylon snake whips. Taken, thank you!
    I’m working on dual whipping techniques in scene and these would be a great length to practice with.
  • 6 foot nylon bull whip. Tentatively taken, thank you!
    Your favorite Daddy is working on her whipcracking techniques! This is less for scenes (since few playspaces offer the space necessary to throw one of these bad boys) but man, think about how hot I would look wielding one of these. 😉 I have my eye on these:
    Nick’s Whip Shop, 10in handle, red with brass ferrule (strong favorite!)
    WhipWorks, 10in handle, waxed, red with red and black Valknut handle
    Eagle Whips, waxed, red with red and black V-pattern handle
  • Whipcracking lessons!
    Years of whipping has aggravated a pre-existing shoulder injury, and it’s time for me to re-examine my technique with a couple of whipcracking experts. Life is a constant learning process. In the meantime, I’m practicing on my own, but I will need the help of a seasoned professional to examine my movement and refine it so that I’m not suffering while you’re suffering.
  • A pair of matching florentine floggers. Taken!
    In my earlier years, I was compulsively fixated extreme pain. As I ease out of the manic sadistic energy that was baby-Domme-hood (what a nonstop Top high those first couple of years were, I’ll tell ya), I have accepted that some scenes require a more nuanced touch. I’m therefore now working on my fluffier, more sensual activities like florentine – because not everybody wants to get beat up to a pulp all the time. These ones allow for a more nimble grip while handling two at a time.
  • Roger Patterson Twitcher. Taken!
    I recently re-visited these mean guys and man! The sting! Incredible. You bitches all know how much I love caning, so is it any surprise that I’m including this one on the list?
  • Scott Paul Designs One-Way Magic Blindfold. Taken!
    I’ve used this blindfold at La Maison du Rouge (RIP 😩) and became obsessed with it. It’s the perfect combination of mind fuck and sensory deprivation. When I tell you I did a fully nude session while my sub was wearing this…
  • More heavy paddles! (Wood, metal, acrylic, etc.)
    I’ve realized that one of the big gaps in my CP collection lies in heavy paddles. I have lots of leather straps and such, but my collection of stiff paddles seems to be lacking. Time to fill’er up! I’m open to any and all suggestions in this arena. Take a look at this tweet to see which ones I already have so as not to duplicate any.
  • Nagaika. Taken!
    As someone who has a very, very, very strong preference for stingy implements, I definitely could use a couple more thuddy toys in my arsenal. This little (or big) guy is supposed to be immensely thuddy, so I’m quite eager to try it out!
  • ElectraStim AXIS Electro Stimulator.
    This one came highly recommended from Alexandra Snow. I’m a fan of e-stim boxes, and while my ErosTek has been tried and true over these past couple of years, I’d love to expand my horizons.
  • Max Cita Psycho-X canvas straitjacket, or pretty much anything from Max Cita. (size L)
    I mean, look at that goddamn straitjacket. It’s a work of art. Can you imagine getting out of that? I lust.
  • Viper tail whip.
    This thing just looks stingy as all-heck, so of course I want it. Duh.
  • Mr. S Asylum Muzzle.
    Of course, I’m practically obligated to include an item from my favorite leather bondage company. You’re lucky I didn’t include the whole catalogue.

And for those of you that would prefer to pamper me in more domestic sorts of ways (and who can blame you? A happy Daddy at home is a happy Daddy in the dungeon), here are a couple ways you can brighten up my winter season.

  • Gift card from KUURACORP.
    For all my boutique tea needs. Caffeinate me into the manic demon I become in my most intense sessions! Or contribute to my budding gongfu teatime interests. It’s a spectrum, but it all involves caffeine.
  • Gift card to Virgo hair salon.
    Yes, hair requires maintenance. And you love my hair, don’t you??
  • Gift card to Ciel Spa.
    I’ve been meaning to go to this spa since they do facials with a skincare line I adore, Biologique Recherche. Only a small number of spas in the US have access to this company, and their facials are supposed to be incredible. At some point, I’d love to try every facial they have there. The current ones I’m most interested in trying out are the Red Carpet Le Grande, Double Lift Facial, Ciel Custom Facial, Second Skin Treatment, and Ciel Custom Facial. Don’t forget to include a 90min massage since I am a complete and total massage slut.
  • Gift card to Wi Spa.
    The biggest Korean spa in LA. I am a regular customer here. I love getting a buff (if you haven’t had a Korean scrub, you’re missing out on life) followed by a 2h acupressure massage. I can spend a whole day here just lazing around, sitting in and out of saunas, napping, and reading a book. Honestly one of my favorite ways to relax in Los Angeles. Any and all increments welcome since I am such a frequent visitor.
  • Gift card to Nora Thai.
    This is a local massage parlor that I regularly frequent. One of the masseuses here gives the heaviest, most accurate massage I’ve ever had… I could’ve sworn she unlocked some back muscles that hadn’t moved in years the very first time I booked with her. Send me a two hour massage because I deserve to do absolutely nothing for two straight hours.
  • Gift card to REI.
    Picture this: me, ruggedly camping, surviving on my own. You: on your computer, wanking away at how hot and self-sufficient I am. Wasn’t that delightful?
  • Drop X-Mid 2p tent by Dan Durston
    This tent is my dream tent, and unfortunately, it’s sold out everywhere (but rumored to come back in stock this winter). Indulge my ultralight dreams. Big brownie points to the person who is able to acquire one for me.
  • Dyson V15+ Taken, thanks cucky!
    Because I love clean floors and also because I am a technology dweeb. Sold out everywhere but super brownie points to the good bitch who is able to find one!
  • Gift card from Doordash
    Because growing Daddies need to eat. (Self-explanatory)
  • Dog treats for my literal dog (bulk please, since she’s a hearty girl).
    Sure, it’s not a gift for me, but she is a part of my heart and don’t you want to make that part happy? We are a fan of freeze dried livers and pork ears/snouts in this house.
  • Cold, hard cash.
    Can’t go wrong! Send to my personal payment apps if you have access to them, otherwise use SpankPay.
  • Amazon wishlist gifts for the impulsive online shopper.
    I know a bunch of you enjoy jerking off to my wishlist, so this one’s for you.

For all presents, please direct them to:

An Li
4001 Inglewood Ave
Bldg 101 Ste 615
Redondo Beach, CA 90278


An Li
4001 Inglewood Ave 101-615
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

For all gift cards, please direct them to daddyanli (dot) promo (at) g mail (dot) com. (Obviously type out the parenthetical bits – this is to avoid any kind of spammy crawling on my site.) If you do send me something via email, let me know via Twitter DM, sext text, fansite DM, or my direct line if you have access to that. I only use this email for receipt of gift cards and such, so I don’t check it unless I’ve been alerted to it.

If you’re getting me something that involves customization, feel free to get in touch with me so I can go over the options with you.

And that’s about it for now. Happy early Thanksgiving or Un-Thanksgiving to all of you. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for winter!

PS: Don’t even think about emailing the promo email for any reason outside of sending gift cards. I never respond to it.