“Everything is about sex, except sex: sex is about power.”

Do you remember your first day of school each year? How your teacher would go around the class, asking what you wanted to be when you grew up? What did you want to be? Because each year, without fail, I proudly replied that I wanted to be “Ruler of the World”.

I discovered my interest in power dynamics at a very early age. When I played house, I was always the mother. On the playground, I fiercely competed with the boys regardless of what game was at hand. I was, admittedly, the schoolyard bully. There was no question in My mind – I would rise to the top despite any opposition.

And then there was sexuality: a burgeoning, curious, and insatiable entity that overwhelmed Me the moment I laid My eyes on smut. Obsessed with this concept that I was yet too young to understand, that people whispered about behind closed doors, that polarized with brazen controversy each time it peeked its horny head, I spent My youth placing My perverted paws on whatever I could find about it.

The two seemed to be interrelated, but I couldn’t place my finger on why: the former, so loud and triumphant; the latter, hushed and secretive. Two sides of a coin that I could not quite grasp.

It took me a while before I realized that coin was BDSM, and I, a “Dominant Woman”. From then on, everything began falling into place.

I formally began My Pro-Domme training at the Den of Iniquity in Downtown Los Angeles in 2013, studying under the tutelage of Cybill Troy, Tara Indiana, and Elena De Luca. A well-established and prestigious dungeon with a long history of producing great Dominas, DOI offered Me a beautiful start to Femdom. I was vetted under a rigorous and intensive course of BDSM history, culture, and skillsets, and I felt Myself blossom into being like never before. Female Domination combined all aspects inherent to My personality into an exciting adventure that led to new self-discoveries each day…few things felt as right as My new role as Mistress. My body dripped with the desire for more.

Today, I am an independent Dominatrix in Los Angeles. The journey is only beginning.