Behold, a Blessed Visit from Australia: Mistress Servalan!

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My wonderful slaves, bitches, and sluts – I am so pleased to announce that Mistress Servalan of Sydney, Australia will be visiting Los Angeles in November! We will be taking doubles on November 16th only, so be sure to plan in advance for this rare and divine opportunity to session with a classic and skilled Femdom.

As you may recall, I visited Sydney in February and took doubles and sessions with Ms. Servalan in her gorgeous and well-equipped dungeon. To say that I had a blast would be an understatement. I loved playing side-by-side with someone as skilled and wickedly cunning as her. From pure bondage to heavy corporal punishment (you should see her collection of tawses!) to full crossdressing and sissification and everything in between, Mistress Servalan showed me how kinky Sydney could be and made my first trip an incredible experience. I played, learned, and found camaraderie with this incredible Dominatrix and keep memories from Sydney close to my heart.

One of my favorite moments during our many sessions in Sydney was our tandem caning. As some of you may already know, Mistress Servalan has an incredible caning technique. (In fact, my first or second year at DomCon, I had taken her bastinado class and found it delightfully informative and wicked. I remember watching her giggle as she caned the soles of her slave and thinking to myself, “That is a woman who loves what she does.”) As she took her first cane stroke down onto our submissive, I found myself in awe. I had never witnessed anyone cane a slave with such force, accuracy, efficiency, and finesse as she had. I could see the pure strength in her body as she swung! At that moment, I knew I was in for a real treat – classic Female Domination done with skill and excellence.

As we started caning, we developed a rhythm, working alongside each other to obliterate our subby’s ass. At one point, she paused to examine our marks on his body. Meticulous parallel canestrokes decorated his derriere, just the way we liked it! And of course, you know we ended up breaking skin. 😉

Words could really not emphasize how blessed Los Angeles is to have Mistress Servalan in town, all the way from sunny Sydney, Australia. Her prowess is internationally known and it is only right that we give her a warm welcome…with a slave’s ass, of course.

November 16th – one day only to book a double with the two of us. Don’t miss out or else you’ll spend the rest of your miserable life thinking of what could have been!

Book your session now.

xoxo Never yours,
An Li

Travels: San Francisco, DomCon New Orleans

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Travels, travels, travels! A short but sweet update.


I will be visiting visiting my hometown tomorrow for Folsom on Sunday! Hello Bay Area, did you miss me? It’s been half a year since I’ve been back, and I’ve missed the hills and trees and bay air of my childhood so very badly. I will officially be taking sessions from Friday, November 22nd to Tuesday, November 26th. Please note that as I will be in town for Folsom Street Fair, I will not be taking sessions on Sunday, November 24th. If you would like to see me on Sunday, your best bet would be a cashmeet while I wander around with my fabulous kinky friends! You wouldn’t want to take away from my enjoyable time, would you?

DOMCON NEW ORLEANS 10/4-10/9 (and tentatively some time after)

I’m extremely pleased to announce that I am a Guest of Honor this year at DomCon New Orleans. (Look Ma! I’m a real Dominatrix now!) I am still in the process of booking my tickets, but you can bet your damndest I will be there to receive my plaque. This will be my first time in New Orleans, and it is easily one of the cities in the States that I’ve wanted to visit more than anywhere else. Creole food, jazz, and booze – what more could I ask for? I will be taking extremely limited sessions while I am in town to fully soak up the DomCon festivities and even more so, the food, food, food! Be sure to check my latest travel updates for finalized tour dates to the city.


I have been getting a lot of inquiries about my annual East Coast tour. As this year has been a bit more hectic than most, I still have yet to plan it out. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. My East Coast tour dates have been moved back a bit later than usual and will probably be in early to Mid-November. Have I never visited your city? Now is a good time to inquire about it – I am more than happy to include your city on the tour as long as my tickets and lodging are generously provided for. 😉


Good bitches schedule their sessions in advance.

Book your session now.

xoxo Never yours,
An Li

Open your mouth

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Just shut up and open your mouth.

There we go, nice and wide.

There are so many things we could do with this mouth. You are, after all, just a hole. Oh, look at your little tongue quivering! Don’t you dare close that mouth…

Let me slip my fingers in there, feel your insides. Slide my fingers in and out.

Suck on it. There we go. Suck on it like a nice, juicy cock. You want to be my slut, don’t you? You want to be my sweet little whore, huh? Show Daddy just how much you adore her. Suck on it and get these fingers off. That’s a good girl.

Oh, what’s this? Its just a dental gag. It’s here to keep your mouth open. Wouldn’t want you accidentally closing it, right? 😉 How would I effectively use you as my object? You’re a hole, not a human – you have no choice. Let’s wrap that around your head nice and tight. Don’t want it slipping off.

Ah, looking much better now. Running my fingers over your exposed tongue. Maybe a nice globule of spit will conveniently fall into you! Maybe something else will, too…

How many ways can I use a mouth?


xx An Li

Why I do what I do: A brief Femdom genesis story

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I am frequently asked about how and why I became a Dominatrix, so for sake of concision (and also because I do not enjoy repeating myself), here’s a little background.

I was a web developer for two years. While it was not what I initially set out to do in life, I did it because it was my first serious job out of college and because it paid well. I was not complacent, per se, about it, but I was definitely still figuring out what the hell I was going to do with my life.

I did not enjoy it. I was good at it, but I was not happy. It reached a point where I found myself waking up one morning, pulling out my laptop in the kitchen (my impromptu office as I worked from home), and staring out the window, wondering if this was what the rest of my life was to be like.

A week later, a happy circumstance occurred. One of my best friends sent me a friend’s Facebook request looking for a Mistress, no experience required. While I had never explicitly told my friend that I was into Femdom, I had always been someone who was open about sexual exploration (as well as a dominant personality). I did not think twice and immediately contacted the person in question.

He listed out his interests and I immediately knew I was into it. I didn’t know whether or not I could do some of these things in good conscience (I mean, CBT sounded great and all, but how much could I really push that? Was it legal??), nor did I know if there was any protocol in interacting with him in the correspondences leading up to the session, but I was curious and eager to learn. I already had a Fetlife at that time, so I did some research and found out that in the US, one could apprentice at a dungeon before going independent. I found the closest dungeon to me – DOILA, at that time – and immediately called them to set up an interview.

Within the first two months and couple of sessions, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I decided to transition out of my web development job within six months and be self-sufficient on Pro-Domming within one year. I worked my ass off for it.

The process towards getting to where I am today was not easy by any means. I obsessively devoured classes, books, and films to learn as much as I could about the craft as possible. I worked 14h double shifts at the dungeon to gain as much experience as possible. I’ve accidentally singletail whipped myself more times than I can count. I’ve dealt with men’s accidental fecal problems far more than the layman should ever have to deal with. And I can still say it was all and still is worth it.

I know you all want to think that Female Supremacy and Domination is all glitz and glamour, and perhaps I am ruining that fantasy by revealing the less-than-savory moments – but I am doing this to have you realize that despite all the downsides, I still love what I do. I genuinely consider Domination my current life passion.

I can talk about the technical aspects I enjoy about BDSM – be it the insanely hot outfits I wear (or make my subs wear) on a regular basis, the joys of learning various activities like bondage, corporal punishment, CBT, anal play, hypnotism, the interesting types of people I get to meet along the way, the traveling and spoiling and presents, or any number sorts of upsides to being a dominatrix – but right now, I would rather talk about what Domination has given me.

There are very few moments in life where you find yourself in such a state of harmonic bliss, where actions, words, and feelings flow out in serendipitous ways. Imagine conducting a beautiful orchestral symphony over the course of a couple of hours – the highs, the lows, and the beautiful satisfaction of having completed it: a perfect session gives me just that. I have had so many moments of walking into a session feeling physically out of sorts and having walked out forgetting all my previous ills. I’ve left on an uplifting high. A truly great session will make my week.

At its most superficial, the greatness comes from the adrenaline high. I am frequently laughing and smiling throughout the session, and if you find me in a particularly concentrated effort, I will begin humming and singing. Why shouldn’t I be having fun, after all?

And then there is the intellectual rush – a puzzlesolving “a-ha!” moment when I tie key facets together to create a beautiful scene. I cherish these moments. They teach me about how intricate scenes can be and help to constantly reshape how I view BDSM. They open my eyes up to the infinite layers of humanity that affect our every action. They humble me in how much more I have to learn…because yes, even Dominants should be humbled from time to time.

But more than anything else, I believe the greatness of a session comes from a true energetic connection with the sub. I feed off of your energy, be it fear, excitement, arousal, pain, or desire. I play into it and mirror it back to you. Each time you give me your energy and efforts, I will reflect back my intents tenfold. I thrive on this back and forth. It’s like an endless game of cat-and-mouse, with me prowling while you are shuddering. I want you to laugh, cry, and shake. I have so much to give you, so long as you dedicate yourself to giving your all to me.

Submissives frequently ask me, “What can I do to please you?” Here’s the secret: I’m really not that hard to please (wink!). I have a wonderful life with a vocation that I absolutely adore, and I’m really quite fulfilled as a person. I do not consider myself lacking in any way. Therefore, all I ask is that when we play, you give me your best efforts in mind, body, and soul – let me consume you. Make me smile, laugh, and sing. In turn, I will create a singular moment that will be shared only by the two of us, and I think we will both walk away with a little skip in our step before the night is over.

xx An Li

London BDSM Sessions

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I have arrived in you safe and sound (and a little bit wet), and I am ready to put you in your place. I will be in town for a little over a month, taking appointments from Thursday, June 16th, to Saturday, July 16th – plenty of time for you to get your fix more than once. I will be holding sessions in or adjacent to Central London at assorted private playspaces. Please note that, per usual, I will be require deposits for all sessions.

For the first half of My stay in June, I am being hosted by Asian Goddess Maya Liyer. We will be shooting and taking double sessions, as well as exploring the city together. Inquire via My contact page about how you may enhance My stay and serve Us.

Let’s not forget about July – For the second half of My stay, I will be hosted by Mistress Evilyne, hardsports Domina extraordinaire! Scat Queens unite! Perhaps you will be lucky enough to submit underneath Us as Our personal toilet. Dream of having two Goddesses use you for Our excretory entertainment? Now is the time…

And for the entirety of the month, I will be exploring London and its illustrious BDSM social scene. Fancy taking Me out for a nice dinner and a night on the town? Outcall social sessions are also available upon request. Spoil and lavish Me for a night you surely will not forget. And how could you? A Mistress like Me is not all too common…

You may get in touch with Me via Niteflirt (1-800-863-5478 ext: 10251003) or My new London appointment line, 07427915751. Please note that for the latter, this line is only available for session inquiries  from 9AM to 9PM. Any further chit chat is to be conducted through My tributed Niteflirt line.

Let’s make My first London trip a memorable one.

Book your session now.

xoxo Never yours,
An Li

Play Parties, DomCon, & London

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Before I begin: a heartfelt thank you to everybody I played with in DC and NYC this year. I am absolutely exhausted and spent, but every minute was worth it. I had some incredible sessions that will remain very near and dear to My heart for a long time. Expect Me back in early fall of this year…

And for My grand return to Los Angeles, a whirlwind of events are upon us!

Tonight (Thursday, May 12th), I will be playing at the Eyes Wide Shut, Mouth Wide Open play party at Isabella Sinclaire’s Ivy Manor in DTLA. This night will be a special one – world renowned Bossy Bitch Delilah is in town to grace all simpering slaves with Her presence. The party features some of the most elite pro-dommes in Los Angeles, and this is your chance to woo Us all. Attending Mistresses include Mistress Isabella Sinclaire, Goddess Eden Winter, Kink Goddess Aiden Starr, Mistress Jewell Marceau, Mistress Nicolette Rule, Princess Marx, Mistress Stella Liberty, Lady Grace MarieSiren Savannah, and of course, Yours Truly. Prostrate yourself before Us.

Tomorrow (Friday, May 13th), I will be attending Deviants Ball 2016. With so many glamorous Friends attending and a night of decadence promised, how could I say no? Drop by and buy Me a drink if you dare.

The following week, from May 18th to 22nd, I will be attending the annual DomCon Los Angeles as a Special Guest for the third year in a row. I genuinely look forward to DomCon each year because it’s such an incredible way of meeting Pro-Dommes from all over. Where else (apart from DomCon Atlanta) can you find such a group of powerful kinky Women all in one place? And of course, it’s a lovely way of finally touching base with Mistresses outside of Twitter or texts. While the internet is convenient, there’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned physical hangout. I will be shooting and sessioning in between classes, parties, and awards shows, so feel free to get in touch with Me during this time. And of course, don’t be shy – come up and say hello if you see Me!

On Saturday, May 28th, I will be performing onstage at Bar Sinister for the monthly Femme Domme Fatale, presented by Mistress Bella Bathory. I had a blast at last time’s performance and administered many a wicked beating, and am back at it again to discipline the masses! I will be performing alongside My good friend, Mistress Bettie Bondage, as well as Asia Adore, Celestial Seraphim, Lady Lingerie, Mistress Kara, and Pele.

And finally, LONDON. One whole month in London town, taking sessions from June 15th to July 15th, summer 2016. No rest for the wicked, and you can be sure that I will be wicked. Soak it in, subbies, soak it in.

Are you as excited as I am? Prove it.

Book your session now.

xoxo Never yours,
An Li

East Coast & Europe Travels

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Darling submissives, slaves, masochists, fetishists, and lurky-lurks –

East Coast spring sessions are coming up in a little over a week! I am taking My inaugural trip to Washington, D.C. from April 26th to May 2nd, and then hopping on over to New York City from May 3rd to May 10th. Two whole weeks on the other side of the States…take it in while you can.

As it is My first time traveling DC, I am highly encouraging public dining and play sessions. An evening or afternoon of fine dining and wining, followed by private play at My space – what could be more memorable?

I will be taking my sessions at a private space in Bloomingdale, Washington DC, right in the heart of the district.

For NYC, I will be taking My sessions in Manhattan at Parthenon close to Herald Square, as well as another private space to be announced.

And of course, let’s not forget London! I will be flying over to the other side of the pond to the United Kingdom from June 15th to July 15th – one entire month of sessions in Europe! I will be taking My sessions at various playspaces throughout the city, and am currently leaning towards Hoxton Dungeon Suites for most of My playtimes. I am also open to suggestions. Again, since it will be My first time in London, I am also highly encouraging dine and play sessions. Take Me out and show Me around a new city.

Please alert Me of all your special requests as early as possible. While I’d love to carry all My gear wherever I go, I do have to pack relatively efficiently. Any unique needs should be noted and packed as early as possible.

I can’t wait and am absolutely tingling with excitement at all the deviousness to come!

Book your session now.

xoxo Never yours,
An Li