Documentary now live in my gallery!

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Hey sluts! I know I’ve teased you with this on social media earlier this year, and the wait is over! I have finally uploaded the interview and mini-documentary I shot with slave g earlier this spring – “Bruised ft. Mistress An Li by Marcus Hessenberg” is now live on my gallery page. Take a look and let me know what you think! The password is FEMDOM.

I absolutely loved shooting this video and adore how it came out! Marcus did a really lovely job of capturing slave g’s adoration as well as showing one very devoted slave’s take on Female Supremacy. You can almost see the rose-tinted glasses… I thought it was quite refreshing to see the submissive’s side of things – after all, we seem to always get things from the Mistress’ side, which is sexy but never the entire picture. Getting a look from the bottom’s perspective can be rather educational, particularly for those who have wandered onto my website of hedonism by “accident” and are confused as to why someone would engage in such sordid activities. 😂

slave g is an extremely experienced submissive and has been in the lifestyle far longer than I have been playing, and he has a truly wonderful way of phrasing his love for BDSM and female domination that just warms the cockles of my heart. We’ve shot loads of scenes together, and I use him as my personal whipping post in my off-hours. I love playing with him and am pleased to give all of you a nice behind-the-scenes peek at our informal interactions. Just goes to show you that, despite the (delightfully) horrific things that I (happily) inflict upon men, these interactions are always a consensual two-way street. 😉

Also, the classical music in the background makes my perverse nature kind of…sweet and romantic, doesn’t it?

Shot by Marcus Hessenberg at my beloved home base, Ivy Manor, in DTLA.


Holiday travels back to the Bay Area

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Quick travel update!

I’m sad to say that I will not be making it over to the East Coast for my usual Washington DC and New York City ventures. This year has been hectic in terms of traveling, and I’m taking a bit of a break to enjoy my time in Los Angeles. I miss this city more and more each time I leave! Besides, I’m certain all my regulars are rejoicing at me finally being back for an extended period of time. 😉

I will be returning back to San Francisco/Oakland/Bay Area multiple times over the course of the next few months, starting with November 20-27th for Thanksgiving. As per usual, I will be taking sessions at a variety of dungeons in San Francisco and Oakland. I will be returning again around the winter holidays at the end of December, and then yet again for Chinese New Year. These latter two dates are still to be decided. As these will all be during holiday and family time, expect the typical holiday dates to be blocked out and book in advance to ensure your playtime during these busy seasons.

Outside of that, DomCon NOLA was wonderful! I ate food, slapped bitches, endured a semi-hurricane, received my first plaque for Guest of Honor, did some witchy witchy things, and ate more food. The city itself was beautiful and I absolutely loved hanging out with all my awesome Domme friends and making new ones in the process. I can’t wait for my next return – and also for more po’boys! Here are some pics:



Don’t forget: Mistress Servalan is returning on the 16th!

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xoxo Never yours,
An Li

Why I do what I do: A brief Femdom genesis story

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I am frequently asked about how and why I became a Dominatrix, so for sake of concision (and also because I do not enjoy repeating myself), here’s a little background.

I was a web developer for two years. While it was not what I initially set out to do in life, I did it because it was my first serious job out of college and because it paid well. I was not complacent, per se, about it, but I was definitely still figuring out what the hell I was going to do with my life.

I did not enjoy it. I was good at it, but I was not happy. It reached a point where I found myself waking up one morning, pulling out my laptop in the kitchen (my impromptu office as I worked from home), and staring out the window, wondering if this was what the rest of my life was to be like.

A week later, a happy circumstance occurred. One of my best friends sent me a friend’s Facebook request looking for a Mistress, no experience required. While I had never explicitly told my friend that I was into Femdom, I had always been someone who was open about sexual exploration (as well as a dominant personality). I did not think twice and immediately contacted the person in question.

He listed out his interests and I immediately knew I was into it. I didn’t know whether or not I could do some of these things in good conscience (I mean, CBT sounded great and all, but how much could I really push that? Was it legal??), nor did I know if there was any protocol in interacting with him in the correspondences leading up to the session, but I was curious and eager to learn. I already had a Fetlife at that time, so I did some research and found out that in the US, one could apprentice at a dungeon before going independent. I found the closest dungeon to me – DOILA, at that time – and immediately called them to set up an interview.

Within the first two months and couple of sessions, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I decided to transition out of my web development job within six months and be self-sufficient on Pro-Domming within one year. I worked my ass off for it.

The process towards getting to where I am today was not easy by any means. I obsessively devoured classes, books, and films to learn as much as I could about the craft as possible. I worked 14h double shifts at the dungeon to gain as much experience as possible. I’ve accidentally singletail whipped myself more times than I can count. I’ve dealt with men’s accidental fecal problems far more than the layman should ever have to deal with. And I can still say it was all and still is worth it.

I know you all want to think that Female Supremacy and Domination is all glitz and glamour, and perhaps I am ruining that fantasy by revealing the less-than-savory moments – but I am doing this to have you realize that despite all the downsides, I still love what I do. I genuinely consider Domination my current life passion.

I can talk about the technical aspects I enjoy about BDSM – be it the insanely hot outfits I wear (or make my subs wear) on a regular basis, the joys of learning various activities like bondage, corporal punishment, CBT, anal play, hypnotism, the interesting types of people I get to meet along the way, the traveling and spoiling and presents, or any number sorts of upsides to being a dominatrix – but right now, I would rather talk about what Domination has given me.

There are very few moments in life where you find yourself in such a state of harmonic bliss, where actions, words, and feelings flow out in serendipitous ways. Imagine conducting a beautiful orchestral symphony over the course of a couple of hours – the highs, the lows, and the beautiful satisfaction of having completed it: a perfect session gives me just that. I have had so many moments of walking into a session feeling physically out of sorts and having walked out forgetting all my previous ills. I’ve left on an uplifting high. A truly great session will make my week.

At its most superficial, the greatness comes from the adrenaline high. I am frequently laughing and smiling throughout the session, and if you find me in a particularly concentrated effort, I will begin humming and singing. Why shouldn’t I be having fun, after all?

And then there is the intellectual rush – a puzzlesolving “a-ha!” moment when I tie key facets together to create a beautiful scene. I cherish these moments. They teach me about how intricate scenes can be and help to constantly reshape how I view BDSM. They open my eyes up to the infinite layers of humanity that affect our every action. They humble me in how much more I have to learn…because yes, even Dominants should be humbled from time to time.

But more than anything else, I believe the greatness of a session comes from a true energetic connection with the sub. I feed off of your energy, be it fear, excitement, arousal, pain, or desire. I play into it and mirror it back to you. Each time you give me your energy and efforts, I will reflect back my intents tenfold. I thrive on this back and forth. It’s like an endless game of cat-and-mouse, with me prowling while you are shuddering. I want you to laugh, cry, and shake. I have so much to give you, so long as you dedicate yourself to giving your all to me.

Submissives frequently ask me, “What can I do to please you?” Here’s the secret: I’m really not that hard to please (wink!). I have a wonderful life with a vocation that I absolutely adore, and I’m really quite fulfilled as a person. I do not consider myself lacking in any way. Therefore, all I ask is that when we play, you give me your best efforts in mind, body, and soul – let me consume you. Make me smile, laugh, and sing. In turn, I will create a singular moment that will be shared only by the two of us, and I think we will both walk away with a little skip in our step before the night is over.

xx An Li