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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Asian Supremacy! · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Asian Supremacy!

A Femdom Chinese New Years with An Li, Damiana Chi, Lucy Khan, and Jezebel Chi!

Chinese New Year is coming up in February, and what better way to ring in the Lunar New Year than by submitting to some of your favorite Asian Mistresses? A Chinese New Year without a Chinese Dominatrix is no CNY indeed. 😉

I’m excited to announce my participation in the Chinese New Year 2019 celebrations at the Chi Temple play party this year on February 2nd! I was part of the celebrations in 2016 and had a complete blast. Something about being with my kind of ladies – powerful Asian Dominatrices who subvert our exotified Tiger Mom stereotypes – feels incredibly in sync.

CNY 2019 is the year of the earth pig – so what better reason than to be humbled as our pig? It’s kismet! How could you possibly refuse?

Damiana Chi and Lucy Khan are our gracious co-hosts for the party this year, hosting two separate parties on February 1st and February 2nd. Each party will feature three Mistresses and six subs only. The setup is such to ensure that every slave will be privileged to have 20-25 minutes of guaranteed one-on-one play with every Mistress.

Sound right up your alley? Have you been itching for a serious play party of hardcore BDSM? Then read on for details and application info:

February 1st, 2019
Asian Dominas: Damiana Chi, Jezebel Chi, and Lucy Khan

February 2nd
Asian Dominas: Damiana Chi, Lucy Khan, and An Li (me, of course!)

Please note that this will not be a social party and is better suited for the true BDSM and fetish participant rather than the observer. All participants are expected to be present for all three hours.

I will be accepting well-vetted applicants for February 2nd. Please use my contact form to submit your polite triple session festivities inquiry. As of this time, most of the February 2nd dates have been sold already so the last spot will only be for a very lucky bitch! Tickets have gone extraordinarily fast, and I expect this party to be fully sold out by the end of this week.

Regarding well-vetted applicants: this means subs that have served any of us before or can provide recent references from other well-established Pro-Dommes. Please do not forget to include this information in your contact form as it is necessary.

Excited? I am as well! I can’t wait to see and meet you on February 2nd. 😉

Book your triple session now.