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Censorship and sex work · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

Censorship and sex work

Heads up: this is not a sexy post. This is a serious, somewhat depressing, political post. If you are not interested in this, then skip the hell out of reading this and go on to the next boner-inducing post.

I did an interview a little while back that got posted a month ago about censorship in Germany for Dominatrices, now added to my press page. You should take a read of it – it’s increasingly relevant information for all your favorite sluts. If you’ve been noticing a change in how your favorite German Dominatrices have been advertising, this is undoubtedly the reason why.

Dominatrices and sex workers as a whole are frequently censored. In fact, just the other week, my Instagram was removed for violating Terms of Service for the fourth time. I considered it sheer luck that I was able to have it restored the past three times, but this time around, I’m not holding my breath for it. Despite posting at best four times a year, I would get posts removed every single month for “nudity” or “sexual activity” – on posts that had no nudity or sexual activity. (Let’s not forget the nearly 100 fake accounts of me proliferating on Instagram currently still up!) It was emotionally exhausting, and each time I opened my Instagram (maybe every other week at best), I would feel the impending doom of anxiety. Was this the moment my account would finally be taken down for good?

So this time around, I’m not going to think about it. I spent over six years building up that Instagram account to nearly 70,000 followers, and I don’t think I have it in me to do it again. I’ve watched so many of my friends get their accounts removed left and right each time they started anew (Goddess Tangent most notably has gone through many accounts), and it honestly feels like a losing battle at a certain point.

My story is not particularly special or significant in any way. It’s just one of countless stories of sex workers (yes, I identify as a sex worker) being shut down left and right by a system that tries to control disenfranchised groups of people. Sex workers are constantly being discriminated against, and this is an uphill battle we fight every single day. Why are we being taken down when other Instagram accounts include equally salacious content (if not more so)? Why do celebrities get to post full nipple and our content gets removed for even having a shadow of a nipple through an opaque shirt?

So how can you make it better, fellow citizen? If you support your favorite Dominatrix, you should, by proxy, support sex work decriminalization. That is the only way this stigmatization will begin to end. Not legalization, not regulation – decriminalization so that our bodies are not fraught with political debate, and so that people will recognize what we, as sex workers, do as real work. (There are plenty of articles about why decriminalization is better than legalization/regulation, and I suggest you google them if you’re interested in understanding why.) If you enjoy what we do and partake in it, then support the continuation of sexy times by decriminalizing sex work.

This, of course, is part of a greater discussion of what it means to have authority over our own bodies, over who controls us and tells us what we can and can’t be, and how we can progress as people to do better. Disenfranchised groups are always the canaries in the coal mine. You may not see it coming, but we saw it first because it happened to us first.

This post is not particularly sexy, and I did not include photos in it for that reason. I am particularly incensed because Ruth Bader Ginsburg just passed away, and the future sovereignty of my body (as a queer POC sex worker) feels extra bleak today. 2020 has been a tough year for many people. In a time where our bodies are constantly being policed by those who do not inherently understand what is like to walk in our shoes, I am doing my best to stand up for what I can intrinsically understand – and that is for genuine equity for all groups of people.

So please, always be kind to your favorite slut and don’t forget to fight for their ability to survive in this world. ✊