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Columbus, Ohio from June 2-6 · Mistress An Li · Femdom Sessions

Columbus, Ohio from June 2-6

Helloooooooooo my sluts, sissies, simps, and suckers! Especially those of you from the midwest. (Is Ohio considered the midwest if it’s on Eastern time?) It’s about that time for…Daddy to be taking sessions in a different city! That’s right — this dungeon hermit is finally leaving my safe haven of Los Angeles and venturing out to Columbus from June 2nd to 6th.

Can you take a double whipping from us?

As many of you may know, my highly-esteemed colleague and Dominatrix homie, the incomparable Goddess Alexandra Snow, has started a non-profit and new studio in Columbus. I will be attending the grand opening of her new studio, Wicked Eden, and celebrating the beginning of the Autonomy Project non-profit. And while I will largely be celebrating with Goddess Snow for the first couple of days, I am taking incall sessions on Tuesday, June 6th, at the Wicked Eden studios.

For sessions from June 2-5, I have space for outcall sessions. And of course, if you are a lucky attendee of A Wicked Event, I can imagine no better place to arrange a public scene amidst a black-hole density of world-class Dommes. Do you fantasize about having a bunch of Dominant Femmes laughing at you while you get facefucked and titty-twisted by me? What better place to do so than at the opening night of Wicked Eden?

I recommend buying tickets for the event as they are guaranteed to sell out.

This may be one of the few trips I ever take to the Midwest/Ohio, so I highly suggest booking with my while you can. I have no future plans to return as of the moment, and I pretty much do not tour or travel for sessions anymore. Any traveling schedule I have is incidental with my personal schedule rather than a regular tour schedule.

Unable to carve out a time to serve me in person for a full session? I will also be available for cashmeets in Columbus. Maybe you’ll even get to kiss my feet in public. 😉

As always, book your session via my contact form.

Can’t wait to whip all my bitches in Ohio!

xx An Li