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COVID: Daddy’s back!

COVID: Daddy’s back!

After over a year of social distancing and quarantining, I am excited to announce that I will officially be open for sessions to the public starting April 18th, 2021. The nightmare finally comes to an end! After thirteen months of pining away for the scent of toe blood and stress pheromones, I can once again begin making bitches out of betas. (In real life, at least. A Daddy’s job never stops online.)

Many of you may have already heard the news via Twitter already. And if you haven’t heard, here you go: your Daddy received her second vaccine shot on April 4th, meaning antibodies fully kick in by the 18th. And while I am no means saying that the pandemic is over – in fact, it seems far from it based on how vaccination schedules have been going all over the world – my own personal risk is highly decreased, and I now feel safer in opening up to the greater public after my second dose.

Since it is a brave new world, please expect new precautions to be set in place for upcoming playtimes.

  • All fully vaccinated subs have the privilege of a maskless session. Yes – you get to gaze on my maskless visage and contemplate how long it’s been since you were able to properly worship a Goddess while admiring how gotdamn gorgeous I am without a mask. I will be verifying full vaccination status with your vaccination card and ID. If you forget your card or refuse to verify at the beginning of the session, you forfeit your time and deposit.
  • All non-vaccinated subs will need to be fully masked in session. Because of this, sessions involving the use of one’s mouth (such as spitting, any kind of consumption, breathplay, etc.) will be entirely off the table.
  • All non-vaccinated subs will need to bring a recent negative COVID test taken within five days before the session.

I am making zero exceptions to these rules. I respect your own choices in doing what you would like with your body, and in turn, I expect equal respect with how I choose to conduct sessions and maintain my own safety as well.

My cleaning methodology is still extremely rigorous, and I have always taken great care to sanitize everything I use with either 70% isopropyl alcohol or medical-grade disinfectant.

With that in mind, I am very, very, very excited to evince some serious yelps and squeals out of a couple of eager toys in the coming weeks! Can’t wait to play with you soon. xx

Pros: mask-free. Cons: not looking like a Mortal Kombat character.

And a little housecleaning! It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, so I have a couple of press updated for you. Two new interviews have been posted on my Press page and Video gallery. You can head on over there and lurk in all the ways people have waxed poetic about me, or you can click the direct links here:

First is an hour and a half long lecture I held for UCLA’s Fem Magazine, a progressive intersectional feminist magazine. It’s a bit on the Femdom 101 side since this was largely directed towards a more vanilla, but it features me discussing Femdom within my lifestyle and features my real-life slave boyfriend, gimpy. We discuss Female Led Relationships at length and I go into how Femdom has helped me grow as a person. Overall a fun, albeit sappy and occasionally self-help-y talk. But seriously, anybody who says that Femdom doesn’t help you grow as a person isn’t doing it right. Watch Reframing the Patriarchy with Dominatrix An Li here.

Next up is an hour long casual chat with my good friend, Mistress Danielle Blunt. We had posted this on our fansites initially, but lucky for you, it’s now available on Youtube for the greater public to watch. You might recognize Mistress Blunt from a couple of videos on my clips sites. We have a ton of fun together and I love catching up with her whenever she is in town. I really enjoyed doing this interview since it’s always loads of fun talking shop with my respected peers. Lots of candid chat about FLR and realistic Femdom, money as a means of power exchange, and a whole lotta shit about men. Watch the whole interview here.

Finally, due to COVID, demand, and inflation, I have recently raised my tribute. All subs who have spent at least six hours with me in 2019 or 2020 are grandfathered in at my previous tribute, and that tribute will remain the same for them so long as our regularity is maintained at six hours per year. Reasonable enough, right?

And that’s it for now, folx! I’ll be getting to the half-year-long backlog that is my inbox within this week, so your patience is appreciated while I get back in the flow of session life again.