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Doubles with Mx Tomie · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

Doubles with Mistress Tomie 11/23/21

Whoops, are you hard yet?

For those of you who don’t regularly check my Twitter, I am officially announcing doubles with my homie, Mx Tomie! (chortling at my pun right now)

I know half of you have a seriously weak fetish for Asian Dommes, and now you have two Taiwanese Mistresses in one place. How lucky could you get?

I only recently met Tomie this past summer during our Hawaiian vacation, and she was an absolute treat. We had a lot of fun talking about our shared heritage and beating up her plaything. We shot a bunch of super hot scenes, including a cock worship scene, a heavy caning, and even a ballbusting scene… I did not go to Hawaii thinking I was going to be someone’s first ballbusting experience, but I wasn’t mad at it at all.

Our dates got filled up super quickly, but we do have one remaining date left for Tuesday, November 23rd from 9AM-5PM. And with that date quickly coming up, you can book yourself in via my contact form. You know what to do, sluts!