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Friends · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress


Friends. I’ve got a lot of ’em! I hope you do too. And in particular, I have a lot of very kinky friends that I absolutely love playing with and supporting in their perverted journeys. Listed below are some of the friends I’ve personally doubled with, want to double with, am friends with, and can personally vouch for, in alphabetical order of first name. Please note that the order of this is not meant to entail a hierarchy! All of these Dommes are excellent at what they do.

Please note that many of these women travel, so while I may be posting about from a specific city, she may frequent your city.

And if you think this list is even close to all-inclusive, you are absolutely wrong! The world is full of incredible ProDommes, and if you do your research, you’ll quickly find that out. I absolutely love playing with other Dommes and am open to doubles with nearly anyone. I’ve merely limited this list to friends I personally know.

Los Angeles

  • Aiden Starr
  • Aine Patrick
  • Andrea Untamed
  • Athena Fatale
  • Bella Bathory
  • Bettie Bondage
  • Celeste Di Nixi
  • Damiana Chi
  • Eden Winter
  • Georgia Payne
  • Grace Marie Rest in Power
  • Hannah Hunt
  • Helena Locke
  • Dominatrix Iris
  • Isabella Sinclaire
  • Jewell Marceau
  • Jezebel Chi
  • Justine Cross
  • Lucy Khan
  • Madame Margherite
  • Natalie West
  • Nina Hemingway
  • Goddess Phoenix
  • Princess Marx
  • Skin Diamond
  • Simone Justice
  • Tasha Black

San Diego

  • Porcelain Midnight

San Francisco/Oakland/Bay Area

  • Chloe Mercury
  • Domina Colette
  • Elise Graves
  • Miss Grey
  • Lillian Bastet
  • Ophelia Margaux
  • Quinn Helix
  • Rowan Ruin
  • Vivienne Vai
  • Domina Yuki

New York City

  • Ariana Chevalier
  • Amiko Chan
  • Ava Zhang
  • Aviva Diamond
  • Danielle Blunt
  • Dia Dynasty
  • Elena De Luca
  • Lucy Sweetkill
  • Ms. Luna
  • Maya Midnight
  • Megan McCord
  • Neena De Ville
  • Victoria Robinson

Washington DC

  • Lydia Supremacy


  • Stella Liberty
  • Viola Parker


  • Mistress Simone


  • Irene Boss


  • Bossy SQ Delilah
  • Lady Karma


  • Goddess Tangent


  • Isobel Devi


  • Myrina Douleur

Florida (not a city, but it’s kind of all the same to me)

  • Goddess Brianna
  • Michelle Lacy

Connecticut (same)

  • Lady Elizabeth


  • Adreena Angela
  • Lady Bellatrix
  • Mistress Evilyne
  • Maya Liyer
  • Mistress Tess


  • Damazonia
  • Miss Jasmine
  • Miss XI


  • Mistress Eva


  • Mistress Jadis Ives
  • Mistress Servalan


  • Lady Electra