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Livestreams, Mz. Kim, DomCon, and yoga sluts ∙ Daddy An Li

Livestreams, Mz. Kim, DomCon, and yoga sluts

loyalfans onlyfans livestream with dominatrix an li on the phone on bed
wow it’s a flyer! it’s almost like i really want you guys to come!!!

What’s up sluts!

Some business first: I will be livestreaming on LoyalFans / in the coming weeks.

The first stream on Wednesday, May 22nd will be a solo stream: come hang out while I talk shit to you. Might throw in some fun little JOI? CBT? pegging? games to keep things spicy. Might just point the camera at my ass the entire time. Who knows!

The second stream on Saturday, June 9th will be featuring the gimpy you all know and adore (and want to worship, apparently) from my videos, my notorious slave boyfriend! I’m super excited about this one — I have a fun little game planned so that we can both figure out fun ways of teasing, denying, and torturing his silly little gimp self. Definitely don’t miss out on this.

The livestream will be available for subscribers only, so don’t forget to follow and subscribe by then. Both streams will start at 1PM PST.

Asian Dominatrices in Los Angeles sitting on men and using them as human furniture
It’s ok to have yellow fever as long as you pay us.

I’ve been incredibly lucky this year to have all kinds of friends visiting me this past year, and the latest person to join me will be Mz. Kim. We will be accepting appointments and sessions May 14th-16th and will also be accepting cam sessions and video customs. I know you silly little fucks have yellow fever, so go ahead, cave in and give into those fantasies.

Domcon is right around the corner, and I will be joining again as I have for most years. I love DomCon as it’s a great time to see old friends, meet new peers, and walk men around in a leash while they buy me kinky toys in the vendor hall. 😉 Apply to serve me for the day, take me on a shopping trip for an hour, or have lunch social hour with me. Either way, I will be around for most of the days, and it’s a perfect time to serve me if you’re interested in public play or a little financial domination or damn near anything else.

On the kinkier side of things, I’ve been loving some of the more unconventional outcall sessions I’ve been having this year! The highlight of my year thus far was going to yoga class with one of my most eager sissies. I drew a rather lurid tramp stamp on her lower back — imagine how exposed she must’ve felt in downward dog as the instructor walked past correcting our form 🤭 I got a workout in, she got her dignity worked out, and we all won.

I crack myself up (get it???)

I’m excited for all the future outcall sessions to come. Go ahead, surprise me with your creative fantasies. The mix of sessions outside of the dungeon has me feeling rejuvenated and optimistic about future scenes.

And finally, construction is about to begin on my dungeon. It’s been years in the making — I was not anticipating all the bureaucratic inefficiencies that would delay the build, but here we are, two years later! With that in mind, this is an incredibly expensive project that I am fully financing, and I would appreciate any and all support with the construction and BDSM furniture. It’s been my dream to have a private dungeon since I’ve started, and ten years in, it’s finally happening.

If you have my private payment apps, please send any contributions to me directly through those apps. Otherwise, I have studio build gifts of 25-1000 built into my Throne (scroll all the way to the bottom) for easy purchase. Don’t forget to send a note so I know who you are. Good bitches who contribute always get noticed.

And that’s about it for today! Thanks for reading, bitches and brethren. <3

x Daddy