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New Videos! April ’24 · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

New Videos! April ’24

Good Girl for My Boyfriend

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It’s time to turn you into a good sissy fuckdoll for my boyfriend. After all, if you want to be a part of our relationship, you’re going to need to fluff my man before I fuck him. But even more than that, you’re going to have to learn how to take his cock in all sorts of ways. I’m going to make you my boyfriend’s porn star cocksucker, and first, you’ll need to practice on me. So go ahead, come and suck my cock, knowing that your future role in this threesome is with you face first into his crotch.

Begging for Breath: Part I

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Today, two of us have fun with my subby hubby. I’ve decided it’s time to share him with my curvy friend, Andrea Rosu, and what better way to do so than with him tied up in a full rope bodybag? With him extra helpless in bondage, we take turns facesitting and taunting him with our asses, smothering his breath with our bountiful ass cheeks until he is breathless. Can he handle facesitting and flogging at the same time?

Deep Throat Reprogram

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I’ve got a plan to program a little clit button in the back of your throat (yes, just like “Deep Throat”). “But that’s just a movie!” you say, “That’s not real!” Silly little bitch. Didn’t you know fetishes are so easy to install into a horny slut’s mind? I’ll have you doing hands-free orgasms in no time just from a little cock sucking training. After that, you’ll no longer need to jerk off to cum — you’ll do it automatically with a dick down the back of your throat. So are you ready?

Begging for Breath: Part II

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With gimpy entirely vulnerable in robe bondage and under breathless control of our booties, Andrea Rosu and I decide to take things up a notch. Sure, we can take away his breath with our ass smothers — but what if we entirely constrict it away with our powerful thighs? We want my subby hubby to see stars while trapped in our scissorholds. While he sees nothing but cheek from one of us, the other pushes his head deeper into the ass and thighs. It’s a team effort.

Begging for Breath: Part III

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Now that slave gimpy’s breath is entirely up to our ass and thigh’s control, we sit on him simultaneously. Andrea Rosu facesits him while I sit dangerously close to his cock, teasing him with the flogger. Then I take my turn on my gimpy seat while Andrea straddles his cock. Both of us laugh at how dangerously hard he’s getting. Is it time to do something more with him?