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Podcast chat + Bay Area 2/28-3/4 · Mistress An Li

Podcast chat + Bay Area 2/28-3/4

Helloooooooo sluts!

Fun, wankable-ish things first. I’m excited to announce that my podcast interview on Feeling Asian is out as of this week! You can listen here on all your favorite podcast players or watch the Youtube video below:

Feeling Asian is one of my personal favorite podcasts since media representation for AAPI people is limited at best, and, well, this one has a lot of Asians. While not the most famous podcast ever, I know that many Asian Americans are quite familiar with it as well as with one of the hosts, Youngmi Miller, through her incisive Tiktoks about how people treat Asian women. Being on the podcast was an honor and made me feel like a minor Asian American celebrity. We chatted about feeling awkward during sex and the difficulties sex workers face in society. It was both a fun and somewhat serious chat, so do have a listen, and let me know what you think about it.

Additionally, many of you will be excited to hear that I’ll be back in the Bay Area again from February 28 to March 3rd. My Bay Area time slots tend to fill up quite quickly, so be prepared to send deposit ASAP to secure your spot. I will be taking most, if not all, of my appointments at Black Thorn in Lake Merritt. Special equipment requests should be made in advance so that I can pack properly. You know how to apply.

Me at my last Bay Area visit and a very blurred out, totally NSFL photo of slave z with 70? piercing needles on his genitals. I love you, Bay Area!!!!

Finally, I’ve updated my Spoil page to be more relevant to who I am today. I’ve included some clothing brands I like, taken out a couple of items that no longer resonated with me, added an exhaustive Adopt-a-Bill section, and most significantly for me, included my desire for LA Philharmonic season tickets (for two, so that I can bring a friend, of course).

I recently saw Bronfman play Rachmaninoff’s Third at Walt Disney concert hall and was absolutely blown away, and it kindled a newfound love for live classical music that I have never really explored. I’m quite familiar with the theater through musicals, operas, dance, and contemporary concerts, but this was my first time dipping my toe into classical music performances, which in retrospect was unexpected given my twelve-year experience playing classical piano when I was a child. I’m determined to add more LA Phil performances to my repertoire and would absolutely love it if one of you very good toys contributed to that experience. 😉 Manifesting those season tickets for 2022/2023 soon…

Aaaaaaaand that’s about it. Thanks, bitches!