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Seattle in July 2024 · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

Seattle in July 2024

What’s up, bitches!

Quick lil update for you guys today. I’ll be making a last minute visit to Seattle in July and am opening up my books for select sessions from Saturday, July 6th, to Monday, July 8th, outcall and incall available.

As always, apply via my contact form. It’s been…seven? Eight years since I’ve been in Seattle, and I’m excited to play again. Show Daddy a good time.

And if you can’t see me? Go ahead and send me a gift via Throne or Amazon or just send me cold hard cash since I’ve finally started my dungeon build and am endeavoring upon a six-figure project that can use all the support I can get! Cash funds are the best way to be of service during the buildout period. I truly do appreciate all of you that have contributed during this time — I see you and I note your good behavior.

Anyway, you guys are compelled to continue reading because there’s NSFL! FREE! HOT! CONTENT! FOLLOWING! A selfie of me and the dick I nailed to a wooden board because I am a sick! fuck! Stop reading now!!!

Too late, you read it and now you’re cursed too, you sick fuck.

That’s it for today. Bye bitches!