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sf/bay feb12 - 13
SF/OAK/Bay Area 2021 · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

SF/OAK/Bay Area 2021

Hey bitches! Here’s a requested travel update for all of you begging for it.

I will be back in San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose/Bay Area from Monday, December 6th to Thursday, December 9th. One very good boy has flown me out for a session, and you lucky sluts get to benefit from it.

As usual, I will be accepting incall and outcall sessions in the greater Bay Area. The primary studios I use include Black Thorn in Oakland and La Maison de la Maitresse in San Francisco. For this round, I will also be testing out Nightshade SF – I love playing in new (to me) playspaces, so this should be lots of fun! (I’ve also played at Valhalla studios as well as another private studio in Downtown Oakland.)

Since this is travel, if you have any particular outfit or gear requests, let me know in advance so that I can bring them on hand. Otherwise, I’m packing as lightly as possible for an easy trip in and out.

As always, you know where to apply.

Also, both of my Instagram accounts are back! Joy of joys. Check them out and go follow. I’ve done a bit of a purge to try to cleanse my timeline and keep things a bit exclusive. Will need to re-examine how I’d like to handle social media given this particularly fraught landscape for sex workers in recent years. I’m still working out the details.

And that’s about it for now, sluts!