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Summer Updates · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

Summer Updates

Sup bitches? It’s housekeeping time here at Daddy An Li’s web domain. Luckily for you, this also means that there will be quite a bit for you to excitedly wank off to in the very near future.

First off, if you haven’t checked it out already, I was very recently featured in Rolling Stone in an article about COVID-19 vaccinations within the dungeon. Go ahead and check it out (Meet the Dommes Who Are Demanding Their Submissives Get Vaxxed), or take a walk down my Press page and see what other tasty free tidbits you’ve been missing out on.

I was pretty surprised by the popular reception of this article. I had expected it to not get much interest, but lo and behold, I had vanilla friends excitedly screencapping it and sending it to me. It’s a bit surreal seeing yourself in a friend of a friend’s Instagram story.

Speaking of Instagram, my second Instagram account was finally taken down a week or two ago. As many of you know, Instagram and Facebook do not look kindly on sex workers. Despite being largely inactive on the site and not posting anything explicit, my account was removed without notice or warning (along with many others that day, it seems). I could get into a long spiel about the endless history of sex work discrimination in the US, but for now, this is just a reminder that any active Instagram account you may find featuring my photos online is NOT me. I no longer have an active account. I am sitting on the @daddy_anli handle just to have it but I will not be posting there.

Please report all IG accounts using my likeness. And if you have found yourself duped before, may I suggest my long article on how to avoid scammers? I promise it will benefit you and prevent you from being scammed any further…unless you choose to follow your horny brain over your logical brain, that is.

And finally, tying it back to the article, I have updated my pandemic policies. With the prevalence of the Delta variant and for my own sanity, I have stopped offering non-vaccinated sessions. You will need to be vaccinated in order to play with me. I would make an exception for those who can’t get vaccinated due to contraindications or unique medical conditions that make the vaccine a no-go for you, but honestly, why are you sessioning during a pandemic if you have a likelihood of health difficulties? Be smart about it.

Should you not want to get vaccinated out of your own volition, please understand that I respect your personal choice. It is also my personal choice to not involve myself extensively with unvaccinated peoples, so therefore I hope that you will respect mine.

Ulttimately, I have had zero issues with vaccinations in the sessions I have taken since I have opened up, so I am cautiously optimistic about the future at hand. Appreciate all you good bitches who have honored my pandemic protocols!

PS: I’ve got some reaaaaally cool stuff planned for the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!
PPS: I know I already posted this photo to Twitter today, but I figured I’d post it here again as well because I love it so much. Enjoy!