What is a Dominatrix?

Also known as a Mistress, Domme, Domina, or Alpha Female, or in my case, Daddy ;), a Dominatrix is a woman who takes on the dominant position during BDSM (Femdom – Female Domination). This could be played out as the role of the sensual Lover, nurturing Mother, authoritative Teacher, all-powerful Goddess. Think of all the strong guiding ladies who have had an impact in your life – the pull they had over you, despite all their unique differences. And like those powerful women, as a Domina, I seek to leave that indelible imprint on your life as well.

I have been an independent professional practicitioner of BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism) since 2013. As a Pro-Domme based in Los Angeles, I pride myself on composing scenes that delve into one’s psyche, transforming fantasy into reality. BDSM is an expansive world, and a Dominatrix scene can be quite literally anything, ranging from D/S (domination/submission), sadomasochism, roleplays, bondage scenarios, unique fetishes…the list goes on and on. The world of desire runs deep. In my world, nearly all of these scenes explore an element of power exchange, that of which I am the top, and the corresponding partner is the bottom. In short: I control, and you submit.

I identify first and foremost as a heavy sadist, bondage top, and Female Supremacist with some serious control freak tendencies. And while that may sound scary, I love exploring everything in between. A quiveringly obedient slave can evince some serious sensual tendencies out of me. A funny little yelp may make me giggle in glee. Sometimes I go fast, sometimes I go slow, sometimes I’ll make you cry, and sometimes I’ll make you moan. It’s all a game I delight in playing. I view my subbies as my toys, and I play with each one of my toys in a different way.

So the question becomes: what will you become to me, and what chimeric form will I become to you?

Come play with me and find out.