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COVID and Cleaning Protocol · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

COVID and Cleaning Protocol

Nurse An Li administering cock medicine to a crossdressing sissy in a medical studio
No, not that kind of vaccine.

With pandemic becoming the new normal, I’ve taken a couple extra precautions to ensure our safety during scene. Please note that these protocols may change from time to time given the changing landscape of COVID – this protocol was written with the spread of Omicron in mind, but as new variants arise and science adapts, I may change and update to match new information.

I am fully vaccinated, and my last booster shot was on November 11th. I have started taking PCR tests again every week.

As of December 2021, my current COVID protocol is such:

  • I require full vaccination that is recent up to eight months of the last shot. If you got a shot earlier this year and more than six months has passed, please consider getting a booster shot. Boosters are recommended by the CDC and pretty much all major medical establishments to receive full efficacy of vaccination, and current studies suggest that a booster may have some protection against Omicron.
  • I verify full vaccination with ID and vaccination card or QR code before booking and again in person before the session.
  • Given that Omicron appears to spread more easily than any other variant, I am also now requiring recent negative COVID tests before any realtime play. With PCR tests, you may take one up to 60h (2.5 days) before our session. With rapid tests, you may take one 3h before our session in line with my confirmation protocol.
  • I am not sessioning with unvaccinated people, and this is not up for debate. I am regularly in contact with people who are at higher risk for COVID and would prefer not to increase the possibility of transmission to them.
  • Should you pass all these measures, I am still allowing maskless sessions. Masked sessions are also available upon request.

My cleaning protocol remains much the same as when I started, which largely means hospital-grade disinfectant and many, many, many gloves. I knowingly engage in activities that result in some amount of biohazard waste, and my stringency in cleaning reflects that.

  • For general toy and furniture cleaning, I use 70% isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on anything that may have been touched.
  • Cavicide is used on anything in contact with bodily fluids, following instructions to leave it on for over five minutes for full disinfection.
  • All insertables are covered with prophylactics. I always thoroughly wash any used insertables with dish soap after use, regardless of how clean it may appear, and then follow up with Cavicide.
  • Clean towels are placed on all furniture before use, including carpets. Should any kind of messy play occur, I use large disposable blue puppy pads on top of the towel. Should the play be extra messy, I use an extra large disposable tarp underneath it all.
  • I change gloves religiously. Seriously, nobody wants dirty glove residue smeared all over the furniture. This can mean many pairs of gloves during one session.
  • Any trash that would be considered biohazard is immediately tossed after the session.

Should you have any question or suggestions about my pandemic protocol, I am open to discussion to improve my preventative measures. The only thing not up for discussion is vaccination status and negative COVID tests. x