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SF/OAK 2/12-13 + Graduation · Bay Area Dominatrix and BDSM

SF/OAK 2/12-13 + Graduation

Traveling to SF/OAK

Shiny shiny PVC Poppa. Did you miss me in thigh high boots? They used to be a mainstay — maybe I’ll bring them back.

Sup sluts!

Business first. I’ll be traveling back to my beloved Bay Area (San Francisco and Oakland for incall, limited outcalls available) and am open for playtimes on Monday, February 12th to Tuesday, February 13th. It’s Lunar New Years — start off your year right with an auspicious session with Daddy.

Limited time there so book quickly as I only have two spots open. I will consider extending my time there should I get enough long session inquiries to make my time worth it.

As always, deposits mandatory.

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Mentorship Graduation with Mistrix Io Moon

Femdom Daddy and Child! (And hostage slave)

Some of you are aware that I’ve been mentoring a new Dominatrix this past half year, and some of you are even luckier in that you’ve played with both of us together! After months of grueling training, practice, and office hours (I’m not even joking about this — it was a bit of a bootcamp for Io but fortunately they were more than up to the task), it’s time to kick the baby bird out of the nest so that they can spread their wings. I’ve graduated Mistrix Io Moon from active mentorship to fully-formed ProDomme as of the beginning of this year.

We’ll still be in regular contact, of course. I truly feel fond of Io and have grown to respect them as mentee, Domme, and friend, and I would love for all of you to meet them and play with them. With graduation in mind, I have taken off the training double option off my application form as they are no longer in active training, and it’s only full, professional doubles from here on. So go ahead and book a double with both of us, I dare you. I want you to be as excited as I am about my first graduated mentee.

Finally, some housekeeping.

I’ve been super busy since the start of this year catching up on all the content I have to share with you guys! I had spent most of last year traveling and was less available than most years, but this year I fully intend to overwhelm you with my sheer supremacy.

The best ways that you can keep in touch with me would be by joining my LoyalFans for the most up-to-date content, vlogs, and clips (as well as first pick of worn items) or saying hello via SextPanther. I’m fairly active on both sites and would love to see all of you bitches there. I’ve got a lot planned for you and am excited to share it with my adoring sluts!

And that’s about it for today! Don’t forget to thank me for the hot photos with cash and gifts. 😘

x Daddy