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Playtimes · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress


While I have a couple of core interests and specialties, my interests in BDSM are vast and multifaceted. Kinkiness is infectious, and I’ve developed many new fetishes along the way. I challenge myself to learn more each day and consider it a personal goal to excel and dominate (lol, pun) each new kinky skillset I take on. I enjoy exploring the new and unknown, as well as corrupting open minds with fetishes unbeknownst to themselves. Above all, I consider myself an Architect of Perversion, pushing your limits as an expression of your submission to me. Curious about my playtime predilections?

Note: while I do list quite a few activities on here, do not consider this a menu of sorts through which you may order. Not all of these are available within session and may be things I participate solely in lifestyle activities or videosI do not participate in activities illegal to Los Angeles, CA, or to whichever locale I may be sessioning in.



  • Medical play
    My personal kink. Arguably the fetish that brought Me to BDSM! There are few things I love more than invasive medical procedures with shiny chrome instruments, tubes, a gyno table, and cold sterility. Needle play, cutting, sounding, enemas/suppositories, catheters, full body medical exams, electrical play, castration fantasies, dental gags, speculums, medical staples, saline inflation, orthopedic bondage, and of course, role play…these are just a few of the things within medical play that make Me swoon. I prefer to conduct My medical sessions in either a nurse’s outfit or full rubber attire to lend to the antiseptic atmosphere.
  • Impact / Strike Play
    I like hitting people, what can I say?
    • Corporal punishment – having grown up in a conservative Chinese community, I am more than familiar with the joys of discipline and punishment. I am well-versed in most corporal punishment instruments, including but not limited to canes/switches, single tail whips, paddles, straps, tawses, floggers, dragon’s tails, and of course, my palms for a good ol’ fashioned OTK (over the knee) spanking.
      From delighted and sensual Mistress to strict Disciplinarian, I am extremelycomfortable in all roles where I am administering punishment and pain. Some might say…a little too comfortable.
      Corporal punishment is part of my vision of classic Dominatrix – the Domina clad in leather and yielding a whip, the male slave’s arms suspended and legs restrained to the floor while his face is covered in a gimp mask and his screams are stifled with a ball gag. Can you imagine yourself in this scenario? Have you fantasized about it?
      In the most ideal situations, you would be able to take marks in a pure corporal session. There are plenty of ways to go about it without leaving marks, but let’s be honest –  isn’t one of the best parts of a whipping the fond remembrance from the marks it left behind?
      • Caning – While fluent in nearly all forms of CP, I consider my primary specialty to be caning. I am particular about the types of canes I use (a classic rattan of 1.5-2cm diameter is my preference). There is something so satisfying about leaving a set of perfectly parallel stripes on a slave’s ass, the sound of the cane flying through the air, and the thwack as rattan meets flesh. And of course, what could be more primal than hitting a bitch with a stick? I particularly enjoy no-mercy judicial canings, and, having an athletic background, have been known to administer a particularly mean corporal punishment session for extended periods of time.
      • Singletail whipping –  the crack of the whip is unmistakable. While I already have a wickedly good aim, I strive to improve more and more within this realm. At some point, I’d love to be able to cut my name onto someone’s back using a whip alone! Because I acknowledge that accuracy within single tail whipping requires constant practice and maintenance, I offer specialsspecifically in regards to this activity.
  • Roughhousing & Beatdowns
    Slapping, punching, grabbing, and a good ol’ fashioned bruising. I grew up wrestling with the boys and have a competitive athletic background, so a fun session of physical bullying always puts a twinkle in my eye and a bounce in my step. You can expect me to be laughing the entire time and upbeat music playing in the background. My beatdown sessions are always very fast-paced and intense because that’s how I like ’em.
  • CBT
    Also known as Cock and Ball Torture, I believe that male genitalia is a hilarious thing and therefore should be abused whenever possible. One of my favorite first activities in session is tying up the cock and balls immediately, because why continue the illusion of male freedom when you’re around me? Life is so much better when your manhood is being tortured. And when given the freedom to go hard on your genitals, you can expect that I will never hold back.
    • Ballbusting –  I started kicking men to the ground via their nuts at a young age. I busted My first balls on the playground when I was six, and let’s just say it became a lifestyle. If I can kick it, punch it, slap it, grab it, pull it, twist it, and overall cause extreme agony because of it, I will. The glee in my face is palpable for everyone in the room when my foot makes contact with testicles. Growing up as an athlete means a wicked aim, and I always aim to make the man crumpled and keeling on the floor in tears.
    • Chastity –  When in doubt, lock it up. If you are unsure as to whether you should enter my session in your chastity device already on, my answer will almost always be an an enthusiastic “YES”. As a lifestyle keyholder, I believe that tease and denial is so much more fun when the sub has not had release for quite a few days (if not weeks) at a time. In any case, what makes you think your manhood has any validity in my presence? Best just to lock it up and hide the key. 😉
    • Castration Fantasy – I will not actually cut your balls off due to very obvious blatant legal repercussions, however the thought of it excites me immensely. There are several ways to go about this, from the threat of a burdizzo to tight elastrator bands around your genitalia, and I am more than happy to explore all castration simulations…
      It is actually my personal goal to experience this in real life at some point in my life, but let’s be honest: I’m too young and pretty to be arrested. I’ll do it when I’m 90. 😉
  • Nipple torture / Breast Play
    Nipples can be so entertaining. A slight flick, a tender rub, and that explosion of pain when the clamps come off…and of course me, right in your face while you are kneeled down before me. Breathing on your neck, scratching your chest as you give your entire body to me. Grabbing your chin, pulling you up so we are looking at each other eye to eye, just so I can watch that expression in your face as you melt in my hands with each pinch I make. Now imagine all of that after your breasts have been pumped to be oh-so-sensitive…
  • Humiliation
    This has always been something that has come very naturally to me –  I am a natural-born Humiliatrix, easily. Sharp in tongue and wit, quick to notice your idiosyncrancies, ever curious to learn more about what makes you tick, and unafraid to step all over over toes, humiliation never fails to leave a smile on my face. From blushing embarrassment to soul-crushing degradation, I have no qualms with tearing you a new one both verbally and physically. I understand that everyone’s humiliation kink is unique and not a one-size-fit-all situation, so for the pure humiliation enthusiasts, be prepared to answer an in-depth questionnaire so that we can quickly get to the good stuff.
  • Bondage
    Restriction is a good thing, particularly when it leaves the submissive in a most awkward position. Having taken Midori’s Rope Dojo very early on in my Domme career as well as numerous other bondage classes throughout the years, I enjoy bondage of all varieties and am highly versed in it. It is something I am always exploring and learning more about.
    I enjoy something I call “bondage dress-up”, meaning the more bondage, the better! Rope, leather restraints, rubber encasement, bondage devices, hoods, gags, mummification (plastic wrap, ACE bandages, vet wrap, duct tape, rubber, leather), and the like all yield to an excellent time where I get to do anything and you get to do nothing. I almost always use some form of bondage in tease and denial. I adore a good predicament or inescapable bondage session. Throw in some body bags and a gimp mask and I’m halfway to happy! Let’s play bondage dolly dress-up.
    PS: If you like bondage, I highly suggest you take the time to stretch before a long bondage session. It will go a long way to ensure that you can maintain the pose. Yoga is bondage’s friend.
    • Predicament Bondage – One of my specialties is predicament bondage, especially in regards to CBT. I take a lot of influence from yoga poses, meaning you will definitely get a good stretch when you’re done. Both strenuous and good for you! Perhaps not for your cock and balls, though.
    • Rope Bondage – I use rope in the majority of my sessions and consider it the duct tape of BDSM. I consider my rope style a blend of Western/fusion and shibari. Pretty much, I’ll use whatever skills I have on hand to tie you up, and I guarantee I can tie you up extensively and effectively.
    • Full Immobilization – For heavy bondage sessions, I suggest three hours – good, layered bondage takes time to get into, and once you’re in it, you will probably want to stay for a while. 😉
  • Smoking
    My glossy red lips around a cigarette, inhaling and then blowing into your ashtray mouth. Breathe it in, savor it, and adore it. I have full lips perfect for smoking, and of course, I take full advantage of that. All smoking sessions must be alerted in advance as not all dungeons accommodate smoking.
  • Watersports & Hardsports
    What can I say? I’ve always had toilet humor, and nothing tells Me that I am on top of the world than when I take a shit on a man. This type of play ranges from golden shower, ruby showers, Roman showers, and full toilet/scat play. I believe that GS/RS/FT can be both sensual and humiliating, and enjoy indulging within that spectrum of play. Please note that My full toilet sessions are only available once a day in the early afternoon.
    • Full Toilet / Scat Play / Brown Showers –  A definite specialty of mine. I am extremely regular, and take almost all of My toilet training sessions in the late morning from 9AM-12PM…perfect for your lunchtime snack! Full consumption is preferred as I believe in wasting not, wanting not. And if I have to force consumption, well…
    • Spitting –  I am quite a spitter. I delight in spitting in your mouth, on your head, on my boots for you to lick it off, after a good cigarette, and all over your marks after a good beating, just for that extra sting. I spit in nearly all sessions where spitting is not a hard limit.
    • Ruby Showers –  Crave to sip on my menses? Why wouldn’t you? The essence of a Woman runs through it, and I have just the method for making sure you capture every last drop. Perhaps in a teacup for extra composure, or maybe in a takeaway “lollipop” for you to suck on in your car?
  • Strap-On / Anal Play
  • Colloquially known as pegging, I have been told that I “sure know how to give a man one”. Ha! I enjoy the gender reversal of donning on a strap-on harness and hearing My anal sluts moan underneath Me, as well as all aspects of slut-training, be this through fisting, fuck machines, inflatables, and whatever it takes to fill up a hole. I am a fan of the all-American mantra, “The bigger, the better”, and definitely delight in using the biggest toys I can find.
    I expect all My sluts to be clean before play, or else I will take it upon Myself to give them an enema. Curious what it’s like to be filled up by My BBC? Take a look at my Clips4Sale store to give yourself a taste. (A warning to the wary: this is porn, and therefore I do not expect every one of My subs to take a cock this big. Remember, porn is not real life! I mean, sometimes it is, but…)
    • Fisting –  I adore taking a bitch’s fisting virginity! Let Me hold you like a sock puppet and feel you squirm while I open you up. Have you ever felt so at My mercy? A sweet mix of pleasure and pain –  because once you go fist (or a foot…), you can’t go back.
  • Electrical Play
    I use the ErosTek 232B, a powerful e-stim unit with numerous titillating functions. Tens units were originally used for muscle and nerve therapy, making them particularly excellent methods of bringing you to new highs and lows not achievable in any other form. For more cutaneous forms of electrical play, I use cattle prods, shock collars, and violet wands.
  • Hypnosis
    Hypno for short, this was one of those activities that surprised Me when I first explored it. I enjoy it immensely because nothing is similar to the specific satisfaction of bringing a submissive into a state of total trance. I find a hypno session to be incredibly meditative and focused on my end. I often seem to be in a bit of a daze after a good mesmerizing! Hypnotism can be cathartic, therapeutic, sadistic, and disciplined. I have been told innumerable times that I have an excellent voice for hypnotherapy. Because not every submissive is capable of falling into a deep trance, I have also engaged in hypno roleplays.
  • Slave Training
    For the true submissive. Classical high protocol, strict Female Supremacist training to rebuild you into My ideal, sub-human slave. Be prepared to have your old notion of self broken down for a higher cause, My cause. Slave training runs from quintessential collar and leash training to slave positions, all reinforced with some good ol’ fashioned disciplinary reinforcement.
  • Leather Worship
    My favorite tactile fetish material. Leather is my default fetish outfit, and should you request this, I will be more than happy to oblige (given that it does not coincide with an activity that may ruin My leathers). I love the musky scent, the buttery texture, and the way it makes a woman look like a true Alpha Femme. You can be sure that I will take a sniff of my own leather before allowing you to breathe it in. A Lady can never have enough leather.
  • Interrogation / Brainwashing / Military Scenes
    Breaking a bitch down gives me an immense sense of satisfaction. Military scenes are a personal turn-on –  the more severe, the better –  and I get off on watching slaves cry. For full interrogation/brainwashing sessions, I highly suggest overnight sessions for extended confinement to fully get into your mind.
  • Bloodplay
    While I am not a trained phlebotomist, I do delight in painting the walls red with your blood. The sight of blood is of visceral excitement to me, and I can’t get enough of it, quite frankly. Blood play can arise through cutting/knife play, blood cupping, or needle play, and is definitely one of the heavier forms of play.
  • Raceplay
    I am not racist, however I find raceplay hilarious. Indulge Me in My wicked humor and we can both have some fun with this. As a Taiwanese woman, I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese and can conduct a full session entirely in it.
  • Raunch / Scent Play
    I adore the smell of Women and enjoy incorporating it into worship or sensory deprivation scenes. For the greater part, I do not wear perfume into session for reasons of discretion, and you may request that I do so ahead of time. I do not honor perfume requests as I am rather sensitive to most synthetic fragrances.
  • Objectification
    A fantastic way of making a slave useful! Be this through human furniture or treating your body like the piece of whore meat that it is, objectification is an entertaining way of putting a submissive in his or her place.
  • Pet Play
    …with you as My loyal steed or fawning puppy, not with real animals, silly. I’ve always said that slaves were more like pets than people, so why not take it to the next level? By the way, I am definitely an animal person. 😉
  • Shopping & Financial Domination
    Because what Lady doesn’t like being spoiled by unworthy losers? Enough said about that. 🙂
  • Full Transformation / Sissification / Forced Feminization
    I have moonlighted as a professional makeup artist specializing in trans porn stars. Dream of becoming the delicate woman you’ve admired so many times? Never fear, I have the arsenal of cosmetic skills to help you along the way. Also included within a full sissy transformation regimen are crossdressing, lady skills, how to walk in heels, and corseting for a beautiful silhouette. Please note that full transformation does require a bit more time. Larger sizes may need to bring their own wardrobe.
  • Tease & Denial
    I lean more heavily on the side of denial, because remember: you’ll never be good enough for me! As those who have trained me once said, sometimes there is no greater torture than a good tease and denial. Orgasm control and edging fall into these categories, however I never apply assistance in the form of handjobs, blowjobs, or traditional sexual activities of the sort. I am under the belief that a good tease and denial does not require any physical assistance, just a subdued mind.
  • Sensory Play / Deprivation / Overload
    I enjoy gimps. I enjoy using all the senses to tantalize a slave and put him or her under. I find that sessions revolving largely around sensory play are better conducted in longer timeframes as that allows enough time to build up a variety of sensations and add tension to each action.
    All my sensory deprivation and overload sessions go hand in hand with heavy bondage.
  • Trampling
    I have been known to be quite acrobatic in My trampling sessions. Be it with heels or without, let it be known that I specialized in balance beam when I was a gymnast.
  • Public Humiliation / Outings
    As an exhibitionist, I have no qualms with showing the entire world how pathetic you are in the presence of Me. Whether we go to a sex shop and I make you try on sissy clothing, or we go out to a meal and I spit in your cup at the dining table, public play is exciting and a whole wide world of exploration! Please note that any sort of public play or outing does require advance notice and planning.
  • Shaving / Waxing
    A freshly razored head is one of My biggest sensual fetishes. I love running My fingers over a clean cut, and pride Myself on My attention to detail when it comes to making sure whatever I am shaving is perfectly clean.
  • Breath Play
    Choking bitches out, and then some. Be it hand-over-mouth (HOM), smothering, gas masks, scissor holds, or the ever classic neck stranglehold, having power over your lungs is a delight for Me.
  • Women, Trans, & Couples
    You bet your stars I am a bonafide pansexual. 😉 I love playing with people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds. Variety is the spice of life!
  • Multi-Domme Sessions
    I have a wide cadre of friends in all the cities I play in available for co-topping. The more, the merrier! Available with advance notice. Also, expect the tribute to be higher (ie: double for doubles, triple for triples, etc.). I do not believe in doing discounts for more than one Domme.
  • Overnight Play / Extended Sessions
    I find longer sessions to be a more satisfying experience for both Me and the sub. Simply put, I have more time to get to know you and develop a more nuanced understanding of your kinks and fetishes. Furthermore, extended play brings in an aspect of tension through time – because who knows how long you were really in that body bag for? Minutes turn into hours…turn into days…turn into weeks…and at the end of it all, you may find yourself a changed bitch.


  • Sensual Domination
    While quite a few of My interests veer into strict and severe territories, I am also extremely well-versed in slow and sensual domination. After all, why not use all My feminine wiles to My advantage, particularly when slaves can be so weak around a beautiful Woman?
  • Body / Attire Worship
    Feet, legs, and ass. I realize how perfect My physique is, and how terribly badly a slave may want to kiss them. Body worship only comes as a reward for good behavior, so work towards it, sluts! I have size 5.5-6.5 feet, a 36-inch derriere, and size 0-2/24-25/XS bottoms.
    • Ass Smothering – With an ass as delicious as mine, I enjoy taunting My bitches with it by asphyxiating their faces out with it. A sort of bittersweet irony comes in being choked out by such perfection. For those who are unaware, ass smothering is not only facesitting – it is quite literally smothering your breath out. My ass smothering is only done fully clothed.
    • Foot Fetish – Bare feet massages, stockings, stinky workout toes, thigh high boots, toe sucking, and face fucking are some of the many podophilic delights I indulge in.
      • Boot Worship – Lick ’em clean, black them until they look like new…and of course, always from the ground up. Thigh high boots are perfect for walking all over the lesser species.
    • Hosiery Fetish – I never knew how much I loved hosiery until I became a Dominatrix. I find nylons to be a lost and seductive form of lingerie. From classic Wolfords or silks to punk rock fishnet, seamless pantyhose to derriére-enhancing stockings, hosiery is incredibly sensual to Me. Can’t you just imagine My skintight nylons grazing across your lips?
    • Glove Worship – Leather, lace, and satin wrapped around My agile fingers as I run them all over you…
  • Wrestling
    For wrestling sessions, I only participate in non or semi-competitive wrestling –  and of course, I always play to win. How could I not, with legs so strong that My scissorholds would quickly make you see stars? I enjoy incorporating scent play into My wrestling sessions as well.
  • Food Play / Sploshing
    There is something quite decadent about wet and messy fetishism that I find entertaining. You provide the food, of course. I am not a fan of vinegar-based sauces for sploshing.
    • Feeder / Feedee – Stuffing food down your gullet until you feel like your stomach is going to explode, and then stuffing more down.
  • Forced Intoxication
    Also known as Forced Intox, I find submissives hilarious when they become blundering fools around me. They can be so easy to manipulate with an inhale of poppers or a friendly shot of alcohol. Please note that prior to engaging in this sort of play, I require the sub to have a clean and non-threatening bill of health. All sorts of play following such will be closely monitored.
  • Age Play
    From bratty daughter who bosses you around to nurturing mother who changes your diapers.
  • JOI
    Also known as jerk-off instructions or forced masturbation, you do precisely what I tell you to do for the privilege of releasing in my presence. Accompanied often by laughing and spitting while I entertain myself with the sight of you trying to resurrect your feeble manhood. Orgasm control is important to me as your orgasm should never belong to you.
  • Roleplays / Psychodramas
    I have an active imagination and a theatrical personality, so roleplays are a great outlet for that. I’m open to all roleplay suggestions provided that I am always the top in the scenario.
  • Tickle Torture
    With nimble little fingers like Mine, I am sure I will be able to find your particularly sensitive spots that make you weak in the knees. I prefer My tickle torture to be done in bondage so as to have no escape on your part.
  • Fire Play
    From dripping candles to burning off your ball hairs, who doesn’t love fire? It can be both sensual and sadistic, and adds a fun sensory element to all sorts of play. Please note that not all facilities accommodate fire play.
  • Bizarre and Unique Fetishes
    The world of kink is endless! Surprise me with your fetish. Chances are I have heard it and done it before, but I’m always receptive to new ideas.


  • Illegal activities. Enough said on this one.
  • “Jobs” of any kind.  hand jobs, blow jobs, etc. These are within the domain of a kinky escort or a full-service Domme in the US, so if you require these, you should search one out rather than going to a classically trained Dominatrix. I am sure she would be far happier and more skilled than I in assisting you in these endeavors.
    (The United States has a specific tradition of separating heteronormative sexual activities from classical Professional Domination. What is standard in the States is not necessarily standard in other countries.)
  • Bare bottom worship. This is never an option. Despite how glorious My ass may be and how badly you want to nuzzle yourself deep in it, the fact of the matter is that I do not want any part of you making direct contact with My nether regions. After all, isn’t part of all the fun showing you what you can’t have?
  • Requests for topless or bottomless outfits and nudity. While I have very occasionally done this on occasion at my own leisure with well-established clients, I never accept any requests for nudity of any kind because my body is not yours. In fact, any excessive requests of nudity will be promptly ignored. I will probably end up being extra covered because I find you rude, so there’s that.
    While I do love basking in all my nude glory, this is something that I firmly believe is a choice of my own, not at the behest of the sub.
  • Breast smothering. I don’t particularly enjoy this activity, and furthermore, I do not have the generous breasts to even engage in this activity in a comfortable manner. Did you actually want my ribcage rubbed up on your face? (This is a rhetorical question and not up for debate. Doing breast smothering with small breasts is highly physically uncomfortable for me as it is just bone on bone.)
  • Competitive wrestling. I only engage in fantasy wrestling. I am a petite woman and am not trained in wrestling or martial arts, so I’m not interested in engaging in potentially violent and dangerous activities to my own body. I’m only interested in wrestling scenarios where I am guaranteed a win and you are essentially a sack of human that I toss around. 😉 Anybody who crosses this automatically incurs a cancelled session the moment upon doing so.
  • Switch or submissive scenarios. This should be self-explanatory, and if you feel the need to push this, you are in the wrong place. I am what I am, and I am very confident that you cannot do anything to sway me otherwise. Attempts to do anything otherwise will not even be deemed worthy of a response and will almost certainly result in an immediate blocking.
    Remember, when you insist on asking someone to do something they have enthusiastically said no to, you are violating their consent. Consent is the most important aspect of playing in BDSM. I do not tolerate consent-pushing in any form.
  • Animals of any kind. I do not do any type of animal crushing whatsoever, nor will I engage in any sort of play with animals of all sizes. This includes bugs (insects, worms, spiders, etc.). Bugs are animals too, you monsters.
  • Cumming on me. I can’t believe I have had to say this, but you may not come on Me under any circumstances, even if it is on My thigh high boots and you are to lick it off clean. I’m not your cumbucket. You are your own cumbucket.
  • Talking smack about other women. I’m not into this at all. Homewrecking is one thing, but me denigrating your wife/girlfriend/partner/coworkers/etc. is another thing.
  • Of course, sex. (Please note the first and second bullets.)


  • Realtime Servitude
    Ready to play? Serve me in real life by setting up a session. I prefer incall at one of the several dungeons I enjoy as they typically have all the equipment and settings required to make that special scene, however outcall is available for the more generous sub. I also enjoy public play scenarios as long as the situation is appropriate for the environment.
  • Casual meetings
    I realize that some of you are scared to dip your toe in immediately. Perhaps you’ve been burned by a not-so-great experience with another provider, perhaps you’re an over thinker and need a gentle introduction, or perhaps you just want to have a BDSM consultation of sorts. Whatever the reason, I am more than happy to meet up with you for a casual introduction at a cafe or restaurant of my choice to chat. These meetings are not true sessions and do not involve play of any kind. I will not be dressed up in fetish gear. Consider it a social introduction before the actual play. My casual meetings typically last 1-2 hours. You will, of course, pick up the bill.
  • Distance Training
    You may also admire from afar, thanks to the wonders of our contemporary age!
    • Phone Sex –  Worried about showing your face? Intimidated by the thought of My sheer physical presence? Call Me whenever My phone sex line is on. No appointment necessary.
      I use NiteFlirt for most of my phone calls. Niteflirt is a well-established phone sex line with over a decade of service. Calls can be entirely anonymous. I very rarely check my message inbox and do not use their text message service. Best to just sign up and give me a ring there. 😉
      For texting, I use SextPanther. It is by far my favorite service to text subbies with and is fast and easy as it goes directly to my phone.
    • Cam Sessions –  Similar to my realtime sessions, my cam sessions may be set up provided a 24-hour advance notice. I use Skype.
    • Email / Text Message Domination – The perfect way to perk up an otherwise boring work day. I enjoy using this method for task-oriented slaves.


I am currently based out of Los Angeles, California. As a house Mistress, I once took My sessions out of the Den of Iniquity in Downtown Los Angeles. Currently, I am an independent and take the majority of My sessions at in-call private dungeons throughout Los Angeles. My home base in Los Angeles is Ivy Manor, but I do play at a couple of other studios. All the dungeons I play at are discreet, well-maintained, and highly regarded. I believe in maintaining a respectable standard of quality for Myself and My subs.

I also travel – as of the moment, My second BDSM homes are in the Bay Area and New York City, as I travel to both locales a couple times each year. Other cities are on the horizon, however if you have an unquenchable desire to see Me, I suggest you get in contact with Me. I only consider flying out for the unselfish sub, given that My flights, lodging, and dining are generously provided for. Not necessarily for the first-time sub.

Cities I have traveled to include:

  • Oakland/San Francisco, Bay Area, California
  • NYC, New York
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Washington, D.C.
  • London, England
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cities I am tentatively adding to my roster include:

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Houston, Texas
  • Your city, if I receive enough inquiries!