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The form on this page is for session requests. Outside of my phone lines and fansites, this will be your first and only point of contact with me.

First impressions matter, so make it count. All basic questions will be answered in my Tribute, Playtime, and FAQ pages. Scared newbie? Read my article about how to book with a ProDomme.

Be prepared to send a deposit and verify your vaccination status to finalize our booking.

Press, media, or providers: please use this form.

IMPORTANT: Are you asking to verify if we have been talking via another site or app? The answer is always NO, YOU ARE TALKING TO A SCAMMER. My contact form is the only mode of scheduling sessions, and my tributed text and phone lines are the only mode of chatting with me. I do not use social media, Kik, Hangouts, dating apps to poach slaves.

Session Application Form


    👨 I am a Man/Male-aligned👩 I am a Woman/Female-aligned🏳️‍⚧️ I might be Transgender and would like explore my gender identity.I am Nonbinary (NB)I am Gender Non Conforming (GNC)I am Genderqueer (GQ)I am IntersexI would like to describe my gender to you.

    If you'd like to describe your gender expression, please explain here (optional):





    Confirm your email

    (I will *never* contact you via phone unless it is an emergency. Your phone number is necessary as part of my confirmation procedure. Putting down a false number is an act of poor faith and diminishes the likelihood that we will ever play.)

    Session location (What is FMTY? ✈️)

    Length of desired session

    Requested dates and times

    What kind of experience do you have with ProDomme scenes?

    Do you engage in BDSM in your personal life?

    Why do you want to see a Dominatrix?

    What do you identify as?
    SubmissiveSlaveSwitchMasochistFetishistBondage bottomPetBaby/ChildBratOtherI have no idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Outfit request (if Daddy feels so inclined)
    Whatever you want!LingerieLeatherLatexStreet clothesWorkout/Athletic outfitsBusiness casualSpecific roleplayOther

    Session Interests

    0 / 100 - A minimum of 100 characters must be entered before proceeding to the next question.

    Would you like my Mentee to participate?
    As a voyeur (+100/h)As a double scene (+400/h)I'd like it to just be us

    Do you have any specific words that excite you?

    What was your best session and why?

    What was your worst session and why?

    Hard limits and medical concerns. Hard limits include specific phrases, activities, places I should not touch, etc. Medical concerns include major surgeries, allergies, joint replacements or concerns, medical PTSD, heart issues, nervous system issues, blood ailments, head trauma, brain illnesses, medications, you get the idea. The more thorough you are on this, the happier we will both be in the session!

    Describe your pain tolerance

    For discretion or otherwise, can you take bodily marks? This can mean bruising, broken skin, cutting, etc.

    Last couple of Dominatrices you have sessioned with – please include *who*, what, where, when, and include their websites and/or recent phone numbers.

    Public social media account links: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife, LinkedIn, etc.
    (I will never contact you on social media. This is for screening purposes only.)

    COVID vaccination status

    Do you have any specific limitations with calling or texting you after the session?
    (I do not initiate contact after session unless there is an emergency or if you've left something at the studio.)

    Where did you find me?

    Would you like to be added to my newsletter for travel and major updates? Sent 3-6x a year.

    Do I have your permission to take photos or short video recordings of the playtime for my social media?
    (Faces and distinguishing features obscured, and you may revoke this after viewing the content)

    Have you filled out every box? Nearly every field is required in order to submit the form.

    Add yourself to my newsletter to keep up to date with my comings, goings, and whatever the hell else I want to nudge you about. Sent 2-6x a year.

    If you have not received a response to your form, please check your spam. If you have not received a response within a week, feel free to fill it out again – I may have overlooked it. (Alternatively, if you filled this out lackadaisically, I may have entirely ignored it. First impressions matter.)

    If your request is urgent, your best bet is to send me a text via to politely inquire if I have seen your application form. 

    You may expect a response to my contact form within 48h on a standard, non-holiday weekday. All form submissions sent on weekends are not guaranteed to be responded to until Monday. My last emails of the week are usually checked around 12PM on Friday, so send your weekend or Monday requests accordingly.

    I may also be reached via phone at for texts and calls, 9AM-9PM PST. If you have a session in mind, I suggest you contact me at least 48H in advance – I rarely accommodate same day appointments.

    I highly recommend using for any specific questions you’d like to ask me that do not fall within my contact form as well as a way of getting comfortable with me before our session (if you are the nervous type). It is a quick and easy way of communicating with me outside of email. Furthermore, I enjoy a sub who spends their time researching me well – dropping a text or call beforehand shows me that you are excited for our session, which in turn makes me more excited to play with you!

    Upon receiving my contact information, understand that it is only for appointments and professional correspondences, and anything else is to be discussed via my paid lines. Abusing this will result in a ban on sessions.

    If all you want is some kinky talk, I’d love to chat with you on I try to respond nearly instantly during daytime work hours.