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Spoil · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress


Although rarely required, gifts are always appreciated. A happy Mistress means a happy slave, so what better way than to kick things off right with a token of appreciation?

An easy way to demonstrate your adoration for me is via Amazon Wishlist or Throne| Daddy An Li | My Wishlist, allowing you a small glimpse into my interests and desires. If you’re a fan of my clips or have interacted with me on my phone lines, IWantClips, SextPanther, LoyalFans, and OnlyFans tribute is also an excellent way of tributing me with your preexisting accounts (please note that all of these methods take a 20% cut of the tribute, so if your intention is for me to receive a specific amount, divide that amount by .8 to account for vendor fees). And if gifts are outside of your budget, a well-thought out card never goes unnoticed. A Dominatrix always remembers…

For the more discerning submissive, the following list details my preferred stores, measurements, and preferences. The list is not all-encompassing but a guideline. Leave a receipt in case adjustments are necessary. If sending an online gift card, direct the gift card to [at] g mail [dot] com. (This email is only for receipt of gift cards and not for chatting. I will absolutely never respond to any messages sent to that inbox.)

If you’ve enjoyed our session, consider writing a thoughtful review for my Reviews page or give me a call on Niteflirt and leave a review in the Feedback section (listed on the grey, right corner tab of my listing page).

For all other presents, tributes, and notes of gratitude, direct your mail to:

An Li
4001 Inglewood Ave. 101-615
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Keep in mind that I check this mailbox once per week. If it is something that requires a more urgent pick up, let me know in advance so that I can pick it up in time.


Birthday: July 24th, 1990
: 5’0″
Measurements: 34-24/25-37
Shoe: US 6-6.5 (wide), UK 36-37
Bra: 34A
Panties: US XS – S
Gloves: XS – S
Tops: US P/XS 2-4
Bottoms: US P/XS 0-4 24-26
For all of the above, I lean more towards XS unless it is a company known for sizing smaller than average.


Drinks: non-alcoholic spirits, tea (herbals, puerhs, oolongs, milk oolongs), kombucha (or pretty much any probiotic drink), sparkling water, coconut water, unique sodas – the ongoing trend here is that I eat like the health nut Angeleno that I am. I do not drink alcohol.
Treats: vegan chocolates (I love a good box of bonbons – my current favorite brand is Lagusta’s Luscious but I love trying out new brands as well), caviar from Marshallberg Farms or Tsar Nicoulai (all supporting sustainable sturgeon farming!), raw and organic delectables, charcuterie (casein, whey, and lactose free, please), nuts, fruit (peaches are my favorite and I am a fan of Tenerelli Orchards for beautiful white peaches during the season) – please note that I lean more towards savory/salty than sweet. I am allergic to the proteins and sugars in dairy (ghee/clarified butter/butterfat/milkfat not withstanding) so please double check the ingredients before giving a specific treat to me. If in doubt, go dairy-free or vegan.
Eats: fine dining. There are few things I enjoy more than a beautiful meal out with my friends or lovers. I live to eat! In regards to dietary restrictions, I am allergic to dairy, so most classic Italian American restaurants are not ideal for me. Please refrain from places that are alcohol-based (unless they have wonderful mocktails!)
Other hobbies: indoor gardening and California native plant restoration, birdwatching, weightlifting, functional medicine and alternative health, yoga, hiking, backpacking, science fiction/fantasy/fiction novels, fine art, art books, comics, cooking, mushroom scavenging, pretty much any kind of art creation, niche cleaning technology


Kink: Mr-S-Leather (this is my FAVORITE BDSM company for bondage and restraints), MaxCita, Church of Sinvention, Fetters, Enfettered, Steelwerks Extreme, Rough Trade Gear, StyleFetish
Leather: Jitrois, Lux Tenebrae, Stormy Leather, DeMask, Ledapol, Helmut Lang, Skingraft
Latex: Atsuko Kudo, DeMask, House of Harlot, Dead Lotus Couture, Jane Doe Latex, Madrid Rubber, House of Etiquette, or any of the numerous custom latex couturiers in Los Angeles!
Lingerie: Baby Likes to Pony, Coco de Mer, Atelier Jean Yu, Pleasurements, Maison Close
Hosiery: Wolford, Falke
Shoes: Natacha Marro, Fabulously Fetish, Prada, Ann DeMeulemeester, Gucci
Clothing: AllSaints, Ann DeMeulemeester, Acne Studios, A.P.C., Helmut Lang, Dries Van Noten (as I am editing this, I am now realizing that almost all my favorite brands start with “A”)
Department stores: Barney’s, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s
Bookstores: Secret Headquarters, Meltdown Comics, Arcana, Last Bookstore – I prefer local over national bookstores. (The ones listed are Los Angeles-specific for My convenience)
Museums and Non-Profits: LA Philharmonic (even better, season tickets for two so I can bring a friend), Museum of Jurassic Technology, Huntington Gardens – annual memberships are a wonderful way of showing you care while also giving back!
Giftcards: REI, eBay, Etsy, Whole Foods, Lowes/Home Depot, Theodore Payne Foundation (this is my favorite nursery in Los Angeles – it is a nonprofit dedicated to native plant propagation and education)
Gift cards + etc.: spa certificates (my personal goal is to go to all the luxury spas in LA), massage certificates, potted plants (natives, tropicals, carnivorous, orchids, mosses, air, or anything that looks like it belongs on an alien planet), concert/theater/film tickets, jewelry with prior approval on style (gold or platinum only and no nickel or nickel alloys – I am allergic)

Refrain from: alcohol, perfumes (I am both sensitive to and picky of most fragrances), stuffed animals, tchotchkes, Edible Arrangements, books that do not fall under art books or comics (I love the library for wordy books), and anything with dairy in it


For those interesting in contributing to my life in a concrete, financial way, I highly suggest subsidizing my regular monthly expenditures. All contributions will be noticed regardless of size.

Physical therapy
Puppy treats
Toilet paper
Car insurance
Power + water
Bull date night
Movie tickets