Online Tribute Options

PLEASE DO NOT PAY ANYONE CLAIMING TO BE ME THAT YOU DID NOT CONTACT THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. I only respond to initial queries for professional sessions through the contact form of my website. I will never reach out to you asking for money (if that is not part of our initially agreed-upon session). I do not have “acceptance fees” or “application fees”. I have many, many impersonators, and it is up to you to be vigilant and weed out the fakes from the real. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you take a look at my blog post to figure out what is real and what isn’t.

If you have any doubt, you can reach out to me on SextPanther or Niteflirt. I never text or call for free unless you are an established client, and I always field first-time session inquiries through my website contact form.

If you still have more doubt, some methods of payments that my impersonators use and that I absolutely will NEVER use include Google Play gift cards and Steam gift cards. If someone asks you for this, they are 100% a fake. As a general whole, I rarely accept physical gift cards as payment unless they are the last and only option. They will never be my first request for a deposit.

Please note that ALL MY IMPERSONATORS know my website and will send it to you as “proof”, but that is not proof. It’s just them sending you my website, lol.

I use a variety of vendors to accept tribute, and the following listed are specifically for spontaneous tributes. I do not use these methods for deposit. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and regularly changes to meet up with the constantly changing landscape of payment apps for sex workers.

For all tributes, please keep your messages attached to the tribute vague. A name and a greeting will suffice.

As of 2021, I am now accepting Bitcoin for spontaneous tributes. I appreciate the level of anonymity and security that provides, however because if is a volatile currency, I require it be double the market value if you are sending a specific amount. Otherwise, feel free to send away as you please.

My Bitcoin wallet address is 3LjxsucxMi5bzrXRdJi4tMgGVExZCTuCEZ

Look! It’s a BTC wallet QR code for easy access! How could you refuse it???

iWantClips for all spontaneous tributes. Please note that IWC, like many vendors, takes a cut out of the whole amount. If your intention is to send me a random bit of money as a thank you, you don’t need to worry about this. If your intention is to have me receive a specific amount, you will need to do a slight bit of math to reach that.

For iWantClips, please multiply by 1.25 to account for vendor fees. If you wanted to send me 100, it would look like this:
100*1.25 = 125

At a similar rate, I also accept SextPanther or OnlyFans for tributes. They take the same cut as IWC. If you wanted to send me 100, it would look like this:
100*1.25 = 125

For Clips4Sale, please multiply by 1.34 to account for vendor fees. If you wanted to send me 100, it would look like this:
100*1.34 = 134
As of this moment, Clips4Sale only allows integers in the 100’s, so if you choose this method, 134 would necessarily round up to 200.

If you use my Niteflirt, you may also tribute via the tribute button there. Please multiply by 1.43 to account for vendor fees. If you wanted to send me 100, it would look like this:
100*1.43 = 143

I do not typically accept Amazon Giftcard nor eBay. Expect to double the total tribute for an inconvenience fee. In order of preference, I prefer eBay the most, Amazon second, and Bitcoin last. (I will occasionally accept eBay contingent on my giftcard balance, but don’t count on it.)

If in doubt, always round up to the next available integer.

Got all of that? Here’s an easy cheatsheet for you since I typically request online tributes in the hundreds.
For every $100, please send:

  • Bitcoin: 200
  • iWantClips: 125
  • SextPanther: 125
  • OnlyFans: 125
  • Clips4Sale: 200 (actually 134 but will be rounded up to the next 100 until C4S changes their tribute form)
  • Niteflirt: 142
  • Amazon/eBay giftcard (not recommended): 200

I do not use Giftrocket. Please use any of the above methods over Giftrocket.

If you are sending a tribute just out of the sheer adoration of your heart, you do not need to follow these rules. Please keep in mind, however, that these vendors do take a significant chunk out of your total tribute, so I would not be receiving all of your money in whole.

For all online gift cards (eBay, Amazon, Postmates, Bloomingdales, Nordstroms, etc.), please use (at) gmail (dot) com for my email address. Please note that this email is ONLY for gift cards, and nothing else. I will not be fielding any inquiries from this address.

And finally, if you would like to send me a tribute to a direct address, you may send it to the following address:

An Li
4001 Inglewood Ave.
Bldg 101 Ste 615
Redondo Beach, CA 90278