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New Videos! - January ’24 · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

New Videos! – January ’24

Toyed In A Smotherbox – Pt. 1

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It’s the weekend which means it’s time to put slave boyfriend gimpy into the smotherbox and ignore him! He’s strapped to the ground in a series of leather belts, and I lock him into my deluxe smother box and put his chastity-covered cock on a chain leash. What a convenient place for a piece of human furniture. I rest my feet on his face, smothering the air out of him with my soles and making him smell my feet. Then I finally decide to sit on him, teasing and taunting him with the smell of my ass while ultimately ignoring him in bondage.

From Bullied to Pegged

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I’ve been bullying you all school year, and Headmistress Ming has decided to intervene. We’ve decided on a radical new mediation method for students who just don’t get along, predicated entirely on the concept of “make love, not war”. And I’m eager to see it through…

Toyed in a Smotherbox: Part II

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Using my slave boyfriend gimpy as a seat, I’ve decided to let my good feelings about the weekend allow him a little treat. I edge him. And edge him. And edge him. Who doesn’t love a good cock tease? And when I finally let him cum, he’s so desperate and pent-up that he does it with the lightest touch… But what comes out must go back in, and it’s back into the slave boyfriend’s mouth to clean up his mess.

Toilet Boyfriend

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Happy anniversary, babe! Before we get on with our celebrations, I wanted to suggest a new direction for our relationship. Something…a bit…kinkier. I first want to acknowledge our sex life. It’s boring and uninspired. You never were good at pleasing me. But that’s unfair — I want you to be able to please me. And I thought of an excellent idea for you to do so. It’s by being my toilet. I mean, think about it: I need to take a dump every single day, and what better way for you to truly satisfy me than my blushing it all down?