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Chi Temple Holiday Party · Daddy An Li · BDSM Mistress SoCal

Chi Temple Holiday Party

I will be attending the Chi Temple Christmas Play Party as a guest Mistress! I love the play parties at the Chi temple and am excited to be back. It’s a beautifully well-equipped space with an on-point aesthetic (anything Asian is my jam). And of course, all the Mistresses are stellar, if you have any experience with playing with them. I’m excited to join and would love to invite you to the party.

With that in mind, here is the advertising copy for the event. 😉

From L-R, Mistresses of the Chi Temple: Damiana Chi, Inga Larsson, Jezebel Chi, Bridget Wylde, Bettie Bondage, Princess Marx, and Georgia Payne.

Come join the holiday festivities with the Mistresses of the Chi Temple & Friends to celebrate, socialize and play at our Xmas Social Play Party! There will be drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and of course, some debaucherous fun!

Mistresses of the Chi Temple:
Damiana Chi, Jezebel Chi, Georgia Payne, Princess Marx, Inga Larsson, Bridget Wylde & Bettie Bondage

Special Guest Mistresses:
Lucy Khan, An Li (yours truly!), Kiko Rope & Aine Patrick

Clockwise from upper left: Lucy Khan, yours truly, Aine Patrick, and Kiko Rope

Plus Xmas elves:
Roxy and Penny

L-R, Roxy and Penny (I think…)

When & Where:
Saturday, December 14, 6-10PM
The Chi Temple, Arts District DTLA

$400 (pre-registered only), includes 4 play tickets, each worth 20 minutes of playtime (40 minutes max per Mistress). Additional tickets may be purchased at the party for $100 each.

Socialize, enjoy the party and choose to play as much or as little as you like. You are responsible for presenting play tickets to the Mistresses to request playtime.

This special party is an intimate gathering of selected guests.
A limited number of guests will be accepted. Reply to this via my contact form ASAP to pre-register!

A note from Daddy:
This party is only open to *established clients*. First-time clients will be turned down.

I can’t wait! The parties at the Chi Temple are always so thoughtful and well-done. I have a blast every time, and I know you will too. And with such a huge lineup of Femdom Brilliance, how could you possibly miss out on this? ‘Tis the season, motherfuckers!

PS: The image at the very beginning of this post is from the clip “The Gimp That Stole Christmas: Part I“. Buy it and let me know what you think! xx