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New Videos! - October ’23 · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

New Videos! – October ’23

No Asian Pussy

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Your love for Asian women is palpable when you look at me. I can tell that you wish you could touch me, taste me, fuck me. I can see you imagining what this tight Asian pussy would feel around your cock. Well guess what? You’ll never fuck me. But it’s so fun to tease you with my censored pussy. Watch as I pull aside my panties, rubbing and fingering myself…only to be kept out by the blurred censor. Isn’t it so fun to be left utterly denied every time? Features a sensual and humiliating scene where I play with myself in lingerie on camera, and you see none of it, of course. Asian supremacy at work.

Restrained In Rubber: Part I

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I have gimpy in a full rubber catsuit, ready to restrain him onto a chair for full immobilization. Bit by bit, I take away his physical movement and senses: first with a latex sensory deprivation hood that covers everything, next with shiny PVC ballet boots that mold his feet into a point, third with straps up and down his entire body, and finally with chains to suspend his ballet boots off the ground. A slow, sensual rubber bondage set-up for all you immobilization fetishists who love to see the action behind-the-scenes

Submit With Your Balls

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The best way you can serve me is through suffering for me — and more specifically, that’s suffering through your balls. I want to feel the fear in your body when I grab them tight, tug on them, and make you into my little bitch. I want to watch you cower in fear knowing that your genitals are under my mercy. Your balls belong to me.

Her New Strict Mom – Full Video

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Part I. I have a new step-daughter, Elori, and she can be a real brat. Elori lacks a basic sense of respect for me, her new step-mother, and on top of that, fails to handle criticism about her pigsty of a room. Well I’ve had enough. I’m very hands-on with my parenting. After another insolent outburst from her, I slap her face and decided that it’s time to get more serious. I bend her over my knee, pull her panties up, and give her the punishment she needs. A little old-fashioned OTK spanking with my hands and my black paddle hairbrush should be enough to beat some sense into her… maybe she’ll finally know who’s in charge once her bottom is red and sore.

Part II. Disciplining Elori has been two steps forward, one step back. After our last OTK spanking, I had assumed that she woud be on her best behavior. So who do I find sneaking back with lies in her mouth? Elori tries to tell me that she’s out “backpack shopping”, but I know she’s been fooling around with another classmate. No daughter of mine will be seen as loose — what would the neighbors think? I bend her over my knee at the dining table, ready to spank some common sense into her. Lie to me? Hide her girlfriend behind my back? Wear revealing clothes? I’ll have none of that. Her bum is still red from the other day’s spanking, and it’s unfortunate that I need to lay my hands on her yet again, but she’ll be redder still by the time I’m done with her. My hands and my black hairbrush will discipline her into an upstanding citizen.

Part III. Yet again, I find Elori lacking some basic respect for me when I find her muttering insults about me while she’s washing the dishes. It’s time for another lesson in discipline. I grab the bar of soap and begin soaping her mouth out, lest she think she can get away with dirty words in her mouth. Her mouth froths with foam, and when I’m satisfied about that, I bend her over my knee once again for her third round of OTK spanking this week. Her bottom is still store from the past two spankings, but she’ll have to learn her lesson one way or another. I spank her with both my hands and and my wooden hairbrush until she is crying and begging. But respect needs to be instilled in her, and I spank the lesson into her until her bum is ripe and red. Perhaps now, after three tough spankings, she’ll finally be a good girl.

Restrained in Rubber: Part II

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Now that gimpy is all tied up and restrained, it’s time to tease him and edge him until he can’t take it anymore. After all, I love a good denial. I rub my hands up and down his hard cock, knowing that him being in bondage makes him harder and harder. My fingers glide over his cock, and I feel it twitching in my hands in desperation. He doesn’t know if he’ll be allowed to cum yet, but his anticipation and fear gets me wet. The shine of his lubed up cock excites me, and I finally let the intrusive thoughts win: I take a chomp and his hard cock. He yelps, and I know that this is something I’ll need to keep on doing…

Female-Led Vacation

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It’s time for vacation, but I’ve got a little surprise for you: I’ve decided that I’m going to flip the tables and make you my bitch now. Enough of me being a timid housewife. Now you’re my timid little housewife, and I will train you into the people-pleasing slave that I want you to be. And this? This is a whip to make sure that you stay in line. Who’s the Daddy now?

Restrained in Rubber: Part III

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After all of that intense biting and edging, I’ve decided to finally be generous to him. I’ll just edge him. And edge him. And edge him. Him being in the rubber gimp suit, sendep hood, and strict bondage is getting him harder and harder — so I’ll let him cum. But you know where that cum has to go? He’ll need to swallow it, of course

Indiscriminating Toilet

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Toilets don’t get to choose. Toilets don’t get to pick. And when my diet is a little funky on vacation and the…end results are a bit more chaotic… well, that’s just your job, isn’t it? Your job is to take whatever kaviar I deign to give you. Why would I use a low flow toilet at my hotel in Mexico when I could use your mouth? Flush away, little hole. You’re lucky to have it.