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NEW VIDEOS! - September ’23 · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

NEW VIDEOS! – September ’23

Suck On My Socks

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I’ve seen you staring at my feet at school, you dweeb. You think I haven’t noticed? It’s so clear to me that you’re some kind of foot weirdo. And do you know what foot weirdos like you deserve? You deserve to gag on my socks. So take my filthy socks in your mouth, you lecherous foot creep. Lets see how deep my feet can fit in there before you start making funny sounds. This is what you get for being a foot perv at school. Features white thigh high cotton socks, jean overalls/shortalls, and me as the bratty popular bully. Foot gagging, smelling, and smothering. Plenty of verbal humiliation.

Breathless Under Ass

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First, I sit on your face. Smother you with my ass in these jean shorts. Watch you struggle to breathe while I put the full weight of my body on you. Cause panic as you wonder when I’ll finally let you have air. Then, I make you into my toilet. Make you consume everything that this ass produces. After all, it’s so fun to torment you with that which you adore the most: my ass. Features denim overalls/shortalls, knee high socks, my perfect ass, and lots of degrading verbal toilet humiliation. Just what filthy toilets like you need.

Semen Retention

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Retain your vital male life force and retend your semen… by eating your cum! Features jerk off instructions and sensual domination while I’m in workout clothes.

Double Bowl Movements

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I talk about the two oh-so-blessed dookies I took that day! Features lots of kaviar discussion, me in workout leggings, and lots of descriptions…