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Some holiday updates · Daddy An Li · Los Angeles BDSM Mistress

Some holiday updates

Ho, ho, ho, bitches!

The ultimate holiday present, amirite???????

Important, less-fun news first.

With the holidays upon us, I am now officially taking a break from sessions until Monday, January 3rd. Feel free to book from there onwards – I will be checking my emails intermittently throughout my holiday vacation. While this also includes all cam sessions, I will be available for phone calls and texts sporadically, schedule tbd. Boohoo for all of you back in town for the winter holidays, but if you miss me, you can also give me a ring. 😉

Additionally, I have recently changed my COVID protocol in light of how quickly the Omicron variant has been sweeping through the population. While I previously requested full vaccination as sufficient for sessions, I am now updating it to include recent vaccinations within eight months (entailing boosters if you received it earlier this year) and negative COVID tests within 60h (2.5 days) of the session.

Finally, I’ve decided that instead of completely ignoring people who choose to test my boundaries (like negotiating my tribute, refusing deposit, not reading my FAQ or thoroughly checking my informative emails, and overall making booking with them an unpleasant activity), I am now issuing out apology fees as a way to get back into my good graces. For the low price of my one-hour tribute, you, too, can buy back an opportunity to session with me. (Price contingent on the depth of apology I feel you need, and it does not go towards the session at all.) Consider this a generous act on my end. After that, you get no more chances.

Fun stuff now!

I was happy to participate in Eyes Wide Shut again last weekend, and let’s just say I had some holiday cheer. If you actively follow me on Twitter, you know what I’m talking about… if not, you’re missing out, but I’ll be kind and relay the interaction here.

I have to laugh at the number of you that have texted and called me after reading that. Who knew so many of you wanted to suck each other’s butt juices?

And last, but certainly not least, have you gotten me a present yet? If not, take a look at my holiday wishlist, Amazon wishlist, or Spoil page for some inspiration. So many reasons to celebrate this season, so little time…

I’ve been very, very pleased with some of my good bitches this year who have gone above and beyond with spreading a lot of holiday cheer for me. I hope you know who you are! While I don’t expect everybody to be reach that level, remember that no gift is too small – I quite literally remember everybody who has given me something. A thoughtful gift keeps you relevant in my mind and tells me that you are willing to do a little extra to bring a smile to my face.

And if you’re not really one for gifts, remember that Daddy always loves a Christmas bonus.

And that’s about all the time I want to put in a blog post for now! Happy holidays. May you and your loved ones be happy, healthy, safe, and at ease this holiday season. 💖